Web browser: personalisation utilising semantic data collection in browser storage

The following is some work from Tim Berners-Lee’s group (I think) which I think gives some insights into how the semantic Web (on SAFE) can be used to deliver highly personalised services and applications without giving up control of your data to third parties.

In fact, they extract your data from v Facebook and Google+ and use this to pull together and mashup with data from your other browsing activity.

I hope some will find this gives ideas for how to build really interesting Web applications on SAFE, as well as illustrating the potential of semantic Web standards (LinkedData / RDF / Turtle, SPARQL etc).

@joshuef Maybe some ideas for Peruse :smile:

PAPER: The Web Browser Personalization with the
Client Side Triplestore

PDF: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lidingpku/iswc2014/master/paper/87970465-the-web-browser-personalization-with-the-client-side-triplestore.pdf

My notes…

Browser with personal semantic data collection

  • chrome browser plugin
  • collects semantic data during browsing
  • saves in browser storage with triplestore.js searchable API
  • harvests personal contacts, messaging from Facebook /Google+

Features based on user’s personal data mashup:

  • suggest text input (eg for search)
  • recognises similar documents
  • can group related resources (photos, travel schedules, people)
  • query via facial recognition in photos

Two of three authors from MIT CSAIL (TimBL’s group?), this from Canon Japan.

Uses various JS libraries and parsers.


If the above has wetted your appetite for linkeddata and the semantic Web, and how this might be implemented client side (in the browser) on SAFE see also:


Ah cool, @happybeing

Yeh right. Nice. Your browsing activity should be just another type of data that’s available to be used (if you so want it). Love it.

Opening the above for a read right now.