We need to talk about autonomous vehicles and the blockchain

A nicely written and well researched article by @SarahPentland on why autonomous vehicles need autonomous networks.



Thanks @SarahPentland - good to see the word getting out!


Phenomenal article, @SarahPentland!!!

"All of these proposed applications share one common thread. They are very focused around processing transactions. It is clear there is significant value in the blockchain being used to verify transactions, avoid fraud, confirm ownership and simplify purchasing processes.

What we should not do is confuse the fact that the blockchain is immutable with providing enhanced security and protection. Indeed, the architect of the Ethereum blockchain Vitalik Buterin has said, “A common refrain is the idea of using blockchains to build systems where ‘users are in control of their own data”…In these cases, it is once again important to note that blockchains do not solve privacy issues, and are an authenticity solution only. Hence, putting medical records in plain text onto a blockchain is a very bad idea.’"

Article continues on to state a more than convincing case for the imperative adoption of MaidSAFE as The Solution. Love it :heart_eyes:


Great writing, thank you for letting the world know !

Now, you guys do what you want, I am really not ready to sit aboard a car that has breaks wired to the internet…
My van has an hydraulic plumbing between the pedal and the pads, that is all I will ever allow as a mechanism there !