Ways for community to spread the information

In this topic we can collect some ideas and drafts about how everyone of us can help in spreading the information to others.

I begin with sharing a text that served as my Facebook update today. Translated from Finnish to English by ChatGPT:

I’ve been concerned for some time about the concentration of power within the structures of the internet. The fact that the services we use daily online are produced by just a few giant corporations and practically coerce us into surrendering the data accumulated from our lives to them. Recent developments in AI only seem to accelerate this process, where the sometimes very personal information gathered from ordinary people’s lives serves as a tool for concentrating wealth and power into fewer hands.

For about a decade now, I’ve been following a project called Autonomi, which aims to build an alternative to the current internet and also to the way AI is utilized. The idea is to create a system that is fundamentally under the control of its users. The right of users to be the sole owners and users of their data is baked into the system at every level.

In essence, Autonomi is based on the idea of connecting ordinary people’s home computers, phones, and other devices into a network where the data needed for various services, apps, and websites is stored. Those who offer their storage space to the network receive compensation for it. The payers are those who use the storage space – and the user could be any one of us, with access not restricted in any way. Before storage, the data is encrypted so that only the data owner themselves have access to it.

There’s already a test version of the network up and running, which requires some degree of technical expertise to try out. But in October, there will be an easy-to-use “final” version of the network. And on the way to October, there will be various versions that are increasingly functional, step by step. In early June, a Beta version that is somewhat easier to use than the current test network will be released.

If such a system interests you, you can find more information from the link provided below: