Value replacing the Utah Data Center

Reading a bit about the Utah Data Center, I believe one of the largest users of MaidSafe may be governments. According to the wiki page, “The completed facility is expected to require 65 megawatts of electricity, costing about $40 million per year.”

Even if the US government was MaidSafe’s only client, choosing to spend $40 million per year on maidsafecoins instead of maintaining a remote building gives tremendous value to the project. Discounting the value at 4%, the value to the US government alone would be $1 billion in market cap.

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I believe it also requires 1 million gallons of water a day for cooling. Talk about centralization…

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The government would not be inclined to support a technology that threatens its very existence. The government’s power in the modern age comes from its control/spying on communications and it’s control of the currency and its ability to confiscate property. Maidsafe directly attacks all 3.


Glory hallaluja brother let’s get maidsafe up and running pronto!

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It is likely that the facility performs intensive low latency data mining on data stored there. They shouldn’t keep their data away from where they process it because it doesn’t make sense in their use case. Your comparison is therefore invalid.

Maidsafe doesn’t threaten the existence of governments. It only threatens the form.
Cyberocracy is still possible.

How exactly would a Cyberocracy function without a source of tax revenue?

When cryptocurrency can circumvent borders and tariffs, shift assets instantly anywhere anonymously, such a cyberocracy will consist of a handful of volunteers in an unused basement and not a trillion-dollar war machine.

Without the power of taxation funded thugs, government becomes powerless. A brighter future ruled by corporations will arise.

I’m not sure which is worse… being ruled by government or corporations. Basically these days they’re the same thing. All the corps would end up doing is creating rules/laws that benefit them and enslave us… oops that’s already happening. ;p

That’s where Maidsafe comes in! A decentralized future is coming. :smile:

As for the tax revenue, I’d love to see some sort of decentralized cyberocracy where you have a place to actually choose where your tax money goes, e.g. NOT to drones or golden toilets, but to schools etc. Also with smart contracts, we would know the money is actually going to those funds and not a big chunk of it into some dirtbag’s pockets. Also let’s get rid of income tax while we’re at it, but that’s another issue. ;p

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