Using the SAFE network without money

Sorry for the late reply @happybeing. This thread is more about economic ideology rather than analysis. I’ll provide my opinion, for what it’s worth. I haven’t kept up with the whole thread. Some of my answers may not be in line with the questions.

Yes, I believe the SAFE Network can function using free storage (Zero PUT costs) after it gains mass adoption. However, I was concerned about the Network being vulnerable in the early stages, and posted this older thread DOS Attack caused by Data Overload.

Ideological Rant
The problem is not the system, it’s the people. We have to acknowledge there are some people who, for lack of a better word, mess it up for the rest of us. They over consume, abuse, exploit, and intentionally disrupt the balance of things. Certain forum members are able to see, understand, and expect those kinds of behavior. We should heed their warnings.

Analytical Rant
The SAFE Network is designed to be incredibly resilient. De-duplication creates a HUGE opportunity for near unlimited storage. If we truly believe this to be true, then PUT costs should eventually go to zero. But other factors (bandwith) affect the whole eco system. And perhaps, that is why we settled to “incentivize” farming behavior with Safecoin.

Many systems end up being 20/80, where 20% does the work for the other 80%. I don’t have a scientific reason why this is, but it tends to ring true universally. The SAFE Network may end up with 20% farmer population no matter what.

If we think of the SAFE Network in terms of growth stages (Baby, Toddler, Teen, Adult) then it makes sense to put safeguards (PUT costs), until the Network grows strong enough to not rely on them anymore. This means Safecoin will buy so much storage, you only need 1 SC for all your storage needs. Basically, you create/fund your new account and you’re done paying for PUT storage.

In addition, I hope SAFE GB will be implemented so we can have an inflationary turtle currency. It also removes the need to inflate Safecoin in the future. But that is another topic.