Uploading directories on Ubuntu

Launcher version: 0.4.0
Demo app version: 0.2.0
Browser version: Mozilla 31.0
Operating System: Ubuntu x64
Free Space: 10 GB
CPU: Intel Core i7

Describe the bug with as much detail as possible:
I’m able to upload files through the demo App, but somehow when I try directories it just takes forever even with a 275 kb directory. After a while the Launcher seems to die, which makes it impossible to ever upload the directories. I have this with both public and private directories upload.

What are the steps to reproduce the bug

  1. Login with Launcher, start demo app upload directories, I see this for a long time

Were you able to work around this bug? How?
No workaround: I have to close the launcher and run it again.

BTW I’m running Ubuntu on a USB stick and I’ve managed to upload files of over 2 MB, but directories is nothing.

Also worth noting, when I try to upload the maidsafe_demo_app-linux-x64/ resources and maidsafe_demo_app-linux-x64/ locales directories it takes forever.

When I try to upload another directory, it briefly shows the uploading progressbar and after that, it’s vanish with no upload still.

Have you tried the latest demo app?

SAFE Demo App v0.2.1 > Release Launcher Demo App · maidsafe-archive/safe_examples · GitHub

MaidSafe Demo App Change Log


  • Folder upload bug fix for OSX and Linux
  • Overwrite of directory error is handled and presented to the user
  • UI Text updates to indicate folder requirement while creating a service

Hmmmm I’m sorry Ross,

I should have checked for new updates, the next time I’ll do that first and after that…

But thank you sir, that did the job. Thanks for all your hardwork and happy SAFE Network testing :stuck_out_tongue:

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No worries it did come out very fast after the v0.2.0 release :smiley:

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