Update 30 November, 2023

This week we’ve been further considering the economic on and off ramps to the Network—particularly in the early stages after genesis—via the MaidSafeCoin to Safe Network Token conversion process.

While being an unwelcome development in many ways, the scheduled closure of the Bittrex exchange signalling the effective demise of trading in the Omni protocol form of MaidSafeCoin (MAID) gives us the opportunity for a more straightforward process when swapping to SNT at launch.

On top of that, it allows us to focus on the ethereum based eMAID (which you can still convert to at no cost) for broader and easier access to pre-purchase SNT; as well as some interesting options for how we may reward and incentivise beta network testing and participation.

On top of that, it gives us a bit more latitude when it comes to building some early off-ramps and hooks into the wider economy.

The focus will always be on developing wide and easy native Network access via SNT directly, but wrapped proxy tokens such as eMAID are still a useful tool to have in the kit.

Elsewhere, we’ve been looking at the underlying cause of excessive open connections. Having stopped FloodSub the current testnet is better than the last in that regard, but heaptracking still reveals far more connections than we need, which is destabilising nodes.

We’ve also been refining the royalty payment process, including looking at watch-only wallets, which can be run by Foundation nodes (and later other parties too) to track earnings. Periodically they will be able to convert their hundreds of individual stored CashNotes for a larger one, to cash out and clear space.

Thanks to everyone as ever for all your heroic testing and suggestions -it’s all super helpful so good on you. Special mention this week to danieleades who submitted a PR to clean up our toolchain. Cheers Daniel!

General progress

@roland has refactored the chunk manager to simplify the upload process by removing the unpaid/paid chunk distinction, and started working on implementing a hash (record+nonce) based verification for chunks to ease the verification process, as suggested by @peca.

He also finalised a PR that modifies the network discovery to make use of dynamic candidates to unblock routing table tests.

@qi_ma submitted a couple of PRs (4932, 4934) to libp2p, and raised another PR to improve logging accuracy for identify operations in the sn_networking module. He also ran a 2k-node testnet to test changes to gossip subscriptions which improved mem usage a lot.

However, gossip is not the only cause of increased memory and the (possibly) related issue of over replication. @joshuef and @bzee have been looking at various angles around connections, concurrent dials, idle connection timeouts and other potential sources of ‘over connecting’.

@anselme implemented spend verification and auditing from the CLI and improved transaction verification robustness. Anselme also put in place protections against two potential attacks: CashNote amount tampering and incomplete spends. He’s also been perusing this forum to understand the general needs of the community (stable faucet, CLI upload retries, simple verification…) and thinking about improvements there.

@chriso has been working on creating a release process for the node manager, including ‘publish’ and ‘remove’ commands, which is taking shape nicely.

@bochaco has been working on switching to msgpack for serialising CashNotes within royalties notifications, and also for chunks, registers, wallets and transfers which were previously using bincode, which is not cross compatible across all languages.

Useful Links

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As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And also to all of the community members working on the testnets! :horse_racing:



Second (even only a minute after it was posted - @Secretariat415 :clap:)!


Third for me!!!


Almost podiumed. Now to read. :sunglasses:


An observation from the current testnet is that nodes started around a week ago and ones started yesterday don’t differ in number of connections. Some in both groups have more or less than average and all are 117-154 (with both the min and max due to nodes started yesterday).

The amount of RAM used is different among the two groups.

Shortly after starting the nodes yesterday their RAM was I think all around 20MB but connections had already reached ~130. Today their RAM has grown to 73-120MB. The older nodes are using significantly more RAM, but the range and average for all nodes is 73-279MB with average 120MB.

There may be some correlation between RAM and PUTS/GETS, particularly GETS although it is not definitive.

So I’m not sure RAM use and connections are that correlated, and also, the number of connections does seem to flatten off quickly and then remain pretty steady.


another great update feels like this week was another step forward.
Maid is dead long live the eMaid what a week it has been and looks like it has all been for the best.

looking forward to the next testnet even though we have one running right now :slight_smile:


Too real.

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Does this mean people with Omni MAID should convert immediately?


No, it’s a bit ambiguous but they have to honour both MAID and eMAID. They’re just saying that if you want to trade you’ll probably be best using eMAID.


Yeah the phrasing was slightly concerning since previously it has been basically guaranteed that there would be a 1:1 conversion for both MAID and eMAID. Thanks Mark


What’s the odds of Omni actually dieing and being unusable now it’s had it’s day ?


I think this has to be the case. Some folk have MAID and want to wait and convert to SNT directly. MAID->eMAID requires KYC which some may not wish to do.

Although the way things are moving the KYC/AML thinking is getting more mental by the day, so who knows how this goes, but for sure we must honour the MAID->SNT swap and try to ensure it’s a simple-automated mechanism.


I dont post much i more of reader,it all sounds very promising could we possibly see a beta sometime in 2024 ?


I suspect there will be some amount of OmniMAID trading right up untiljust after launch and the swap to SNT. I also suspect that volume to be pretty miniscule.
But there will always be stragglers.

When Scotcoin transitioned from v2 (based on Counterparty - roughly analogous to OmniLayer protocol) to an ERC based token Scotcoin v3, the two existed alongside each other for a couple of years. There are still large qtys of Scotcoin v2 floating around and they do get traded but as neither v2 nor v3 Scotcoin has any real value these days, its all pretty academic.


I’m a bit ignorant of how Omni works what I was meaning was can the last server get switched off and it’s just dead thereafter ?

I know it’s in Bitcoin block chain but Isent there some Omni core that must be running somewhere ?

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When Scotcoin still had some technical brains associated with the project, we were faced with the possibility of the CounterParty protocol disappearing. Thanks to the wonders of OSS, we were able to fire up a couple of our own Counterparty servers and support the protocol until the majority of holders swapped to v3. As it happened, there has since been a modest -very modest- revival in CounterParty and it seems unlikely to die for now but I certainly would not recommend it for serious use.


Nice update team.

Guessing the MAID → SNT is greatly simplified by not having to worry about MAID on an exchange – as who would get the SNT then if it’s in the exchange’s wallet. If everyone’s MAID is in their own wallet, then easy peasy.

Thanks to all who continue to support the project :wink:

Cheers :beers:


Yes you are right, I intended to say the “demise of trading omni MAID… but it suffered a death by a thousand grammar edits. Apologies!

No one need feel in a rush to convert. You can happily hold until launch and swap to SNT, or convert to eMAID at any point until then.

Nothing to worry about for holders.