Update 23 November, 2023

The most important news to communicate this week, for those that haven’t heard, is the winding down of the Bittrex exchange. After 4th December only withdrawals from Bittrex will be possible. Anyone who has MAID on Bittrex needs to take it off the exchange sooner rather than later and store their tokens in an Omni-compatible wallet.

Alternatives for Omni-MAID trading are now limited to HitBTC, but @swissprivatebanker has kindly assured us that his company Altcoinomy will continue to convert MAID to eth-compatible eMaid for the foreseeable future, for those who want to continue to trade. :pray:See this topic for more info about the conversion process.

Rest assured that both MAID and eMAID will be swappable 1:1 with Safe Network Tokens (SNT) after the Safe Network has launched.

Other news is that the latest testnet seems to have solved some problems and unearthed others in a one-step-forward-one-step-back kinda style. It appears that nodes are not properly discovering the whole network, specifically having a poorer knowledge of their closest neighbours, which seems to lead to them assuming more responsibility for more data than they should. This hasn’t happened with smaller in-house tests, so it looks like something that emerges with scale. Anyway, deerstalkers :male_detective: are on, magnifying glasses are out, and it shouldn’t be too long before we can launch a version 2.

General progress

@anselme has implemented PaymentQuote, simplifying the payment process and getting rid of client side price race conditions. This will allow for further simplifications on the client side for upload retries which are currently quite complex. He’s now finalising the client-side code to match.

@joshuef made some changes to reduce unhandled NetworkEvents, which should also reduce gossip noise.

Also on Gossip, @qi_ma raised a PR to avoid the swarm_driver throwing up gossip messages unnecessarily.

And @bochaco is experimenting with increasing the GossipSub heartbeat interval to 5 sec from 1 sec. This should reduce the royalties network traffic a bit.

@Joshuef spotted that clients are unnecessarily participating in gossip, and so put a stop to this idle chatter in order to reduce traffic. Gossiping is now disabled for clients by default via a toggle.

Josh also made some tweaks to improve the success rate of large file uploads, added a CLI flag so users can configure batch sizes, and enabled TCP port reuse to tackle potential bottlenecks.

On the sn_testnet_deploy module @roland raised a PR to rsync logs from VMs to local machine which should drastically reduce the time it takes to sync logs from testnets. Meanwhile @chriso refactored the node_manager to provide a start command, and has now got the install and start commands working on Windows as well as macOS and Linux.

@bzee has been looking at the scope of RPC commands for starting and stopping nodes, fetching information on status and the like, and how these integrate with OS services. He continues to look at Sybil attacks and defences in a libp2p context

And @anselme and @roland have been considering the implications for man-in-the-middle and DDoS attacks of quorum settings for validating nodes in the context of transactions. Short version is: we’re pretty sure such attacks will be extremely hard to pull off with any setting, but obviously we want to make sure all the bases are covered before beta.

On metrics, Roland raised a PR to enable faucet logging, and Qi merged one that collects the swarm_driver handler statistics.

Finally, on outreach Anselme has been looking further at potential on-ramps for SNT, and @jimcollinson has been working on pitches to exchanges and potential partners when that glorious time comes.

Useful Links

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As an open source project, we’re always looking for feedback, comments and community contributions - so don’t be shy, join in and let’s create the Safe Network together!


https://ico.altcoinomy.com/ is a subdomain for hard asset backed stablecoin projects, back from 2017 :slight_smile:

official website is alt.co



I fixed it, thanks!

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3rd and even had the time to read it! Great work team!!


Prompted a thought whether nodes could usefully prepare offline for when they can see the network.

That conjures a nice image. Tromping round in the glens. :grin:

Thanks for updates :+1:


Thanks for the update, much progress getting made aside from the Bittrex “problem”. Which may well turn out to be a blessing in disguise.

So thanks as always to all involved, may your magnifying glasses be clean and your deerstalkers hairy.



@Anselme Wondering if you are still going with a limit to time (as per the nodes time) or have you implemented something like the node keeping the last 3 price changes and using that to validate if the client returned the quote quick enough. Advantage is that it allows longer and shorter time frames (no magic numbers like 10 minutes) depending on how fast the price is changing. For a more mature network the time frame should be in days or longer since price doesn’t change too fast and gives the client time to use the quote if collecting a large number for their large upload which might take days to upload. (get price first then upload if OK)


Thanks so much to the entire Maidsafe team for all of your hard work! :horse_racing:

And also to the community members working on the testnets! :horse_racing:



I haven’t even had time to start testing and here we are with an update! :rofl:

A big thank you to the team and the testers for the great progress in getting the anthill up and running! :point_left: :clap: :blush:

Have the ladies been testing anything? :ok_hand: :wink:


An interview with Mr. FUD:

FUD:. Aren’t you scared that the last 3 testnets flopped? :scream:

Secretariat415:. No failure is a normal part of the process. That’s why we have testnets so we can get past these problems quickly. Edison failed thousands of times when he was testing the light bulb. :bulb:

FUD:. Aren’t you afraid of Bittrex shutting down? :scream:

Secretariat415: CEX exchanges come and go. They are inherently unstable. We now have Uniswap to trade. There will always be a market for our coin. :chart_with_upwards_trend:

FUD:. The price of the coin is plummeting. We need to sell now! :money_with_wings:

Secretariat415:. Lots of people will buy it from you. At Maidsafe we always play the long game. :moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

FUD:. You rascal! Now I have nothing to worry about!

Secretariat415:. Look at the world around you. There’s still plenty to worry about.


Thx 4 the update Maidsafe devs

A big :clap: :clap: :clap: for those who participated in the last testnet
Great that V2 is on it’s way :partying_face:

Keep hacking super ants :beers:


Thanks for the update team. Clearly a lot of work going on as usual.

I’d like to suggest that someone from the team look into Bisq - maybe we could get SNT added as one of the core tokens. Currently they use Bitcoin and Monero. Given that SNT is privacy oriented token with no fees they might be open to the possibility. If so this could solve the exchange problems once and for all.

Cheers :beers:


You do mean after beta is up and running :wink:


i think you would want a fully decentralized and private sollution such as https://basicswapdex.com/ which does native chain swaps without the need for wrapped assets.
BISQ is not fully decentralized unfortunately, also much less private

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You’ll have to explain that. AFAIK it is fully decentralized and private.

Also the important aspect of BISQ is that you can exchange crypto for fiat and vice-versa via bank transfer. Regular DEX’s you can only exchange for things like USDT or USDC and not your particular national currency – and then you’d have to go to a CEX to convert those into local currency.

The advantage of BISQ is for private on and off boarding from crypto to fiat. Also if/when governments start shutting down websites and phone apps (that these DEX’s use), BISQ will still be available as a desktop app.


BISQ has mediators If there is a dispute during the trading period. The escrow if not fully peer to peer.
Also, there are trading fees, basisswap has none. There’s not even a DAO.
In terms of privacy, basicswap is the most private-by-design dex in existence, more information:

There is no other coin involved,
It would be a pure omni maid to btc or the other way around (or btc/snt if you wish which should be possible as snt will be utxo). You can do large otc deals without any counterparty risk, in public or private orderbook.


It has to have such as it allows local fiat to crypto transfer – which is the point. And AFAIK, these mediators are a decentralized function - that is to say, they are not paid by the makes of the software, they are paid by the network via their escrow system.

If you can find a way to do real local fiat to crypto without mediators I’d like to know where and how.

I’m not against your dex - I’m sure it’s great for what it does, but it just cannot do what Bisq does, so apples and oranges and not comparable.


i would happily welcome a bisq integration, especially due to their fiat onramp feature yes


Thank you for the heavy work team MaidSafe! I add the translations in the first post :dragon:

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