Troll resistant applications

I was walking along the beach with Dude (my collie) there and thinking about this troll, cyber bully attitude we have seen ourselves now, and had an idea.

The way the MPIDs work is quite simple. Your client sends a message to the closest group (ignore consensus chains again). This group (MPID Managers) forward the message to you (if you are on-line) or buffer it. These nodes know the sender MPID as it is a direct message, They cannot tell its ip:port though.

We are looking at two modes
1: Whitelist (only those specific ID’s can communicate with you)
2: Blacklist, these nodes are banned

It is possible any application such as twitter, facebook, reddit etc. will be able to access these lists. So if you are connected to any of these social apps they could make use of this blacklist. What I mean is your client (the app) would have an interface for any system and have a [go way] (thanks Mark) button. If you press this button then the person is blacklisted.
If you look at a stream or email group etc. you will not see this persons posts, emails or data, everyone else will if they think its OK.

We have seen this in many systems and its always different, the difference here is the network infrastructure will allow this to be across systems, if clients implement it properly. We can make sure there is a CheckBlackList() call in the API.

I think then apps enabled with the global blacklist would be prefered and rather than admins and votes etc. to remove a nuisance, you just press the go away button. The troll or bully will still be happily spewing the lies and threats, just nobody is listening. This to me would make the life of a troll a real drag as they cannot tell if you can see the posts or mails or not. The can create more ID’s easily, but then you get the pleasure of pushing the [go away] button again :slight_smile: We could even have an emoticon what slaps a face, but that may be too far :smile:

This would represent real life I think. Rather than a network aware rank system (which I think we should still have) to decide on these people, let the individual know when their bull"ÂŁ$"3t level has been reached. There is more like the ability to set a level of a person to see, so certain number of contacts, messages sent and rank (the go away can be sent back to the persons MPID managers, not forwarded on to the MPID though). Many more options for setting rank levels as well, I do not see this as a replacement for rank, just a separate system of the individual to exercise the right to listen to whom they want. This way the person keeps sending the messages etc. they have no idea you pressed the button and still take their time wasting their time.
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Yes, I like the idea of an “ignore” button. I rarely use it, but sometimes you just run into that one person who’s mission is to ruin your day. At the same time, it is only a defense, which I favor when empowering people.

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I really do not like the idea of group blacklists. Individual blacklist/whitelists are one thing because everyone has their own personal “bullshit” levels so to speak but when you have group blacklists when you start running into the problem of censorship. Let’'s have an example of this shall we. If you are of certain sexual, political or philosophical persuasion that can affect your job because employers and clients don’t want to deal with you. You end up getting blacklisted and can’t find work. If we are to apply this to your idea: if someone who is very sensitive presses the blacklist button then the “troll” in question becoems blacklisted to everyone. Thereby creating a standard of the most poltically correct.

Everyone has their own bullshit levels and is offended by different things. A global blacklist does not make sense to me because If Tom is offended by sexual explicit material but loves his religious retoric and Mary loves her sexual explcit material but hates religious retorhic then they will obviously be “offended” by different kinds of things and label “trolls” differently. And if there is a “global blacklist” between them they’ll be banning prety much everyone. Imagine how bad it will be in a global community. No I don’t believe a global blacklist will be popular, at least among those of us who enjoy and believe in free speech and abhor political correctness.

Agreed, the network can provide measurements on many things and let users set a level they are happy with. What I am discussing here though is individual blacklists that go across all apps. I completely agree on global blacklists, its my minority protection fears that kick in as you seem to be describing.

Well having an individual federated blacklist would be good. Just so long as the people on my list don’t have to go on your list and vice versa.


And sometimes you just need a break from some people so a feature we should add to this is a time range. Ignore this person for a week, month, year or forever…

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