Transaction Spam

My understanding is that I will be able to send safecoin to another user for free. When I do this, the following happens.

  1. User A makes a function call : user_A.Transfer(user_B, amount, wallet)
  2. When the Maid Manager group of user A receives a request, they
    1. debit the amount from user A’s wallet
    2. send a request to the TransactionManager
    3. send a notification to the upper layer API
  3. When the Transaction Manager group receives a notification, they :
  4. send a notification to user B’s persona
  5. create an internal transaction
  6. When user B’s Maid Manager group receives a valid notification they :
  7. send an acknowledgement to the TransactionManager group
  8. credit user B’s wallet with the amount

That seems like a lot of activity that I can cause to happen, with no penalty to me. What if I happen to own two accounts and rapidly send safecoin back and forth between them. I understand that I can’t hurt the network as a whole, because my actions are limited to a few groups. However, it seems like I could cause a localized disturbance.

I wonder how big an impact such an attack could have on it’s associated groups?


I think clients who do this should get punished (disconnected) for this kind of behaviour. Or we should have some sort of SafeCoin transaction cooldown. Or both.

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If you do that rapidly enough, strangely you will likely lose your safecoin as you may create a disturbance in the double spend area. It’s resolved by the safecoins actually deleting. IF you try and spend the same coin multiple times it will delete, if you did this rapid back and forth then the same would very likely happen. So don’t :slight_smile:


Or, what if someone tricks you into repeatedly “retrying” your payment by returning you the token and asking you to retry.