Trade With David Irvine

Dave Harrison at Trade with Dave has a very deep resource going from 5 years of blogging on anything from Free Will and Behavioral Economics through to ‘Vector Gold’ and ‘Trustless Networks’ …everyone get’s a whack… including Preston Byrne from Eris Industries who is still a fan…this is his latest:

Profit ~ A Bain Capital Production What do David Irvine of Maidsafe, Pink Floyd and Mitt Romney have in common?

There is a fascinating discussion going on over at the Maidsafe forum regarding a debate about intellectual property rights, “projects to really be put against a wall and questioned to get their core values in the open”, and how to Profit From The Core.

All this seemed to grow out of some questionable journalism over at (that’s twice in two days) that brings back memories of Newsweek’s Leah McGrath Goodman revealing the Real Satoshi Nakamoto.

Keep this up and we’ll all have to get a license to blog from either Ben Lawsky or Diane Feinstein.

Regardless of what you think about the independence of foundations (something Eris and Dave have been focused on lately), property rights in general (intellectual or not), this series of events has allowed for a rare peak inside the mind of the man, David Irvine, who has shared some of his values.

Does absolute power corrupt absolutely? Somebody was recently interviewed about Bitcoin where they said the only way you would ever stop Bitcoin is to go around the world and round up every single person who operates a Bitcoin mining computer, or knows how to operate a mining rig and shut it down.

Hmmm? It may be a good idea for David Irvine to stay out of the hot tub and as far as the individual who can stand to have their core fully examined?

Like Rock & Roll, Mittens and the Mormons in Salt Lake City, Maidsafe too stands to change things in a very, very big way… just not as big as Christmas.

Don’t miss the video here:


I don’t think that comparing Maidsafe with Mormons is in any way accurate…though I can see that they are trying to be positive. Romney and Bain gutted companies for profit at the expense of the employees. David Irvine is the polar opposite…

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