Token price restrict usage?

Shareholders and those who have already bought Maidsafe Coin will no doubt want the equivalent Token price to be high……why wouldn’t they?

Will high Token price restrict usage of Autonomi to new users?

I’ve read that one Token could be as high as £10……I’m assuming a user would need more than one token to store their equivalent data……so would £10, £20 or £30 for the purchase of the token prevent full roll out and global usage?

Will the price of each token be forced low to ensure high uptake?

No, because each token (let’s just call the token “ANT”) is divisible (10^-9). The minimum price for 0.5 MB is 0.000000030 ANT. So even at an ANT token price of ~$333, it would still only cost ~$20 for a TB of storage.

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There isn’t a way to force token Vs Fiat price to be low, there is no one in charge of selling tokens. We have the genesis tokens already allocated and will be distributed at launch. And the network will emit new tokens to make up the rest of the token supply over an extended period of time. Greater than 50 years according to the WP.

This means exchanges, otc, dex, etc will be the way people can obtain tokens by buying them off people wanting to sell them if they aren’t running a node themselves and earning tokens. IE market will determine price of tokens in terms of fiat.

The network as well will determine the tokens required to buy individual chunks of storage. As @Sotros25 says, it will be very small amounts of a token per chunk. Although the WP gives a desired rate of increase as the network fills up it is not the actual algorithm, but the desired curve using example factors. Yes I got caught too. Although expect it to be low, very low like the curve suggests rising as the network fills up.

What I am getting at is the algorithm encourages more node runners as the network fills up thus keeping the store price in (nano) tokens lowish.

But also the charging algorithm can be modified over time via software updates to slowly reduce the (nano) token price per chunk in order to better reflect the actual storage costs. EG when drive prices drop over time, OR token Vs Fiat price rises too much.

This would be by agreement of node runners and not some central entity and the update would then be installed.

In other words there is avenues to address token market prices rising too far.


The token’s value, will be measured in computation, domain (NRS), storage, tx fees and… In all honesty, the fiat price of SAFE has become an absolute guessing game with multiple prices simultaneously woven into one fabric of reality stacked on top of another one.

Funny enough, I’ve never referred to pugilism, but when measuring some will only get a £ in the head.

No and here is logical chain.

Price goes up gives that more farmers finds it profitable to farm which gives more storage supply which pushes the relative price of storage down.

What the coming ANT token is worth is not a problem because it will be adjusted by the supply of storage which will affect the price of storage.

You don’t have to own a whole bitcoin to do a transaction either, do you?
Neither for the autonomi network, you can have a fraction of a token.