To answer the question..."what can this be used for?" (very very very rough draft)

I have compiled links to form the idea of a use case for SAFE. My argument is a new knowledge-based economy is emerging.

This is an unbiased, no solicitation, project neutral topic that I’m posting to the SAFE Network Forum.

Elon Musk tweeted to Ethereum dev’s “what can this be used for?”

Keep using Ethereum’s distributed compute for now and store everything in safe
making an Ethereum <> SAFE network bridge. Maybe the bridge is between IPFS and SAFE? My opinion is to make something for a specific use case. Focus in on that and refine it. Instead of trying to be an everything for everyone.

Mr. Musk is developing the interface to the new knowledge-based economy; the Neuralink.

Our Neuralink Future - YouTube ( Our Neuralink Future - Siraj Raval)

Think Redox-OS might be a good fit for running nodes on the network. SAFE nodes, IPFS nodes, Polkadot nodes, and ETH/ETC nodes. Written in a type safe language. I argue that while the concept of a cryptographic hash stored in a data structure known as the blockchain is secure the underlying Operating Systems that we use today are not.

We will want to guard our thoughts.
SAFE Vaults.

There is still a need for “centralized data centers”. Instead of just throwing away all that hardware/time/investment to develop those data centers; I argue they will act as nodes or layers on the network. The hardware location is basically ubiquitous. The Cloud refers to the concept of distributing the workload among many machines in a data center. It’s evolved into the workload being distributed among many different data centers. Now the storage software, compute software will be ubiquitous. That’s where the decentralized data center comes into play.

Think Layers.