This scares me and makes me want the SAFE Network online yesterday

People are just giving them everything without a care in the world!


Hey, what can you do - they worked hard to earn their users’ trust!

Think of it this way:

  • Users like it
  • FB makes moar money
  • FB pays a little bit more tax
  • Win-win-win situation

I don’t use it, but it’s not a bad service, it gives people all the social stuff what they want, anytime, anywhere.
And now news, vids and more.
In all honesty I can’t say I dislike them more than Google.

Anyone’s free to escape the sticky embrace of those 2, yet they prefer to stay.
Who are we to judge?


The evil genius of FB is that every app or site that you log into with using your FB credentials automatically gives them access to the data you use in that app/site as well! Soon every click on anything on the net will be stacking up their bank rolls! I cant wait til Maidsafe gets in the game and goes live so the ads and data selling game will be changed forever! :grinning:


I dont think its complacency I think it is misreptesentation. Face Book is garbage the same way AOL was garbage. Those two dont represent innovation but rather represent flaws in the American legal system and a deep depravity in its business culture. These persistent themes mean the basis for even temporary success in large US firms is often lying and cheating. For decades now the US in many areas has been uncompetitive on quality for similar reasons. Toyota concluded it was because US firms treat their employees with same BS disregard they do the public. I think the US has come to glorify psycopathy, ‘leadership’ is our euphemism for it.

If the public knew how FaceBook was ******* it and how recalcitrant they are about this FB would be out of business and its top people likely locked up. At the least it will go out like AOL.

There is a certain plantation mentality segment of US business that thinks suffer the fools type institutions are needed to set the example for plantation treatment and they are always cheerleading and agitating for it. Other countries just lock these platation mongers up recognizing them as a menace and a threat to society.


From the article:

“Here’s the thing: with Facebook’s announcements today, it’s suddenly
significantly harder to avoid the service at all. If you didn’t have a
Facebook already, like 1 billion other people, you’re going to find it
even harder to avoid in the future with these changes. It’s now becoming
the easiest way to do anything on the internet.”

Really? Facebook looks like a dinosaur to me. If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, well then it’s the ancestor of a dinosaur.

I can be the judge. If you watch any of the developer videos by Facebook employees, you will notice that they talk like Zuckerberg. How’s that for pathetic hierarchical prostration? I rest my case. :slight_smile:

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Hmm, so you actually watch FB content? I rest my case!

But seriously, most that does (maybe even not that, since you consume FB content) is make them lose one consumer (you, the judge). Everyone else keeps watching those vids and using FB.

In other words, that doesn’t help you eliminate FB. The only ways are coercion (ban it) or competition (help build something better - if you can).