The SAFEnetwork has immediate 50 Million user potential....but?

Fact: SAFE has anonymity baked in

Fact: The service has anonymity as a popular feature and 50 million users!

The concern around has highlighted to me, that indeed it will be the App owners on SAFE that will be copping blowback from the concerned and not SAFE itself.

The more quality apps that can be launched quickly, the better for SAFE?..50 million users, one app!

Should Maidsafe use marketing $ to promote the first group of quality Privacy/ Anonymity apps (including LifeStuff), rather than SAFEnetwork itself? …maybe thats the plan

From: ‘’s new owners vow to crack down on bullying or shut the site

Users of are able to set up profiles which they use to answer questions other members ask of them. While the answers must be given by a named user, the questions can be asked anonymously, which has led to the site being labelled a hotbed of bullying has seen phenomenal usage and engagement because of its compelling take on social expression: describing yourself through the lens of what others want to know about you,”

The Ask.FM website has been linked to several bullying cases where the young person has taken their own life. has been associated with six other teenagers’ suicides, a factor many observers, including Carr, have put down to the nature of the site itself

The company now promises to respond to bullying allegations within 24 hours, and promises to revamp its safety and moderation policies and procedures within six months, including “putting in place filters to catch and remove violent, illegal, threatening or harassing content,”

From: Students descend on nasty website

It’s a website renowned for vicious and offensive postings with guaranteed anonymity, and yet teenagers are flocking to

Welcome to the new ground zero of cyber bullying for high school students.

‘‘Nothing surpasses at the moment for nastiness among students, nothing,’’ cyber safety expert Susan McLean said.

The Australian Government Cyber smart site, offers the following:

What do people ask on allows users to check through open profiles without creating their own account. There are many overtly sexual questions asked. Some users deflect them well, while others are not as skilled or are happy to engage in the sexual banter.Many conversations are between school friends and cover daily school happenings.

What is Ask.FM doing to protect children?’s Terms of Use state that users must be 13 years or older. It advises people not to share personal information and to block and report users who break the Terms of Service. It advises that ‘if the person keeps bothering you, report abuse to us by pressing the Report button and to law enforcement’…‘we can supply identifying information (of anonymous users) if necessary’. In August 2013 announced changes to its policies due to public scrutiny. It indicated it will improve its reporting, moderation and information on sources of help and advice. If your child has an account, you may like to go online with them to help select the appropriate settings.

Will banning my child from protect them? Are there other platforms like this?
Banning use of sites or apps may not be the best option as children will find ways to engage with platforms like You can’t protect children from all of the risks posed by these platforms and applications but you can discuss your concerns and establish boundaries. The platform is itself is not the issue – the behaviour is.

How do I talk to my child about my concerns?
Be honest with them. Talk about the media stories, express your love and concern about what might happen online. Ask if they have experienced bullying or sexual advances online and talk it through with them. Banning seldom works and children will find other ways to get online. They will stop talking to you about issues if they aren’t meant to be online anyway. Keep the communication open, or recruit a trusted family friend or family member to help.

When should I be worried about my child?

If your child’s behaviour changes at home or school you should talk to them, particularly if they seem disinterested in things they used to like, seem very unhappy and/or their sleep and eating is impacted. Seek professional advice if necessary including through the Cybersmart Online Helpline counselling service, the school counsellor, your GP or a psychologist. If your child has particular vulnerabilities, be vigilant about their contacts offline and online. Help them join groups out of school where they can find friends and support. Talk to the school and make sure they are supported.

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Great find @chrisfostertv, very worth watching - like the Diaspora and Isis issue that I highlighted, but which has unfortunately veered away from learning from that how that unfolds.

(Aside: I’m finding so many topics veer off the OP and dissolve into broader issues or ping-pong matches between two or three posters who don’t keep in mind the purpose of the OP - @David are you still planning some guidelines? Is this something they could address?).

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Indeed, very interesting. I’m a little confused as to the point of the post though. I’m sure you’re not saying that you think Ask.FM is a good service and one that you want to emulate however it almost comes across that way at the start. Can you clarify what you mean?

What I was trying to convey was, a very large number of people have expressed their desire to broadcast anonymously for whatever reason.

So in this case, people weren’t shy of expressing their opinions, anger, evilness etc, but were shy of attaching their names to those words.

So it drove home to me that anonymity is certainly a different animal to privacy i.e I could private message you on SAFE…but I might not reveal my inner dark secrets, because you could tell someone else and it becomes public. But I could say the same things with a Public dummy account on a SAFE forum and have confidence (misplaced?) that my expression would not become public.

So good or bad, it seems there would be a big market for apps on SAFE that allows for freedom of expression. Would a furore be directed at SAFE for bad stuff happening or the app itself.

i.e an is going to happen at some stage on SAFE, love it or hate it. An app like that could act as a massive seeding for the network itself. So would we bemoan the fact it was the first big thing on SAFE.

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could grab the attention of MILLIONS!!

If something like this was one of the first apps on the SAFE Network it would massively hinder adoption by the general public and it would also make it much harder to sell the noble ideals behind it’s creation. The press would be all over it like a rash and as it’s the network that’s helping cloak the abusers it is the network that will get the attention.

I won’t repeat the points that have been covered numerous times about how the network will be abused. Something like Ask.FM is a pretty good example of abuse…and if it’s on SAFE it would be even harder to mitgate harm that would be caused.

The first wave of applications MUST serve a noble purpose otherwise the network won’t get past having a reputation as a playground for troublemakers and criminals.

Your wrong! I’m wrong! Were all wrong! the network doesn’t care…we have little to no control and humanity will have to grow up, face facts and work itself out…got popcorn? :smiley:

I expressed concerns about publicity in the below post and I thought if an app was created that gave some control over very young children it could help, but in the case, the kids are at an age, where control is no longer an option:

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