The perfect ATX case

I recently bought this open benchtable for practicing builds, and I’m happy.

I really like the modularity and the quality of the screws. But for my next super-duper PC I will probably need a closed case. Price is not an issue, as I will be using it for many years, but that also means versatility is important. Switching out parts should be easy. I’d much rather pay 400 € for quality than 100 € for “meh, OK”.

The fewer moving parts, the better. The same goes for cables. I worry about dust, because my home is smoky and dusty. I want as little light and noise pollution as possible. Complete fanlessness would be ideal, but I don’t want to be picking apart fanned GPU’s and voiding warranties. Some dust will get in anyway, and the whole system should be easy to clean. I’m not a big gamer, but I want the possibility of putting in a big and powerful GPU, if I feel like it.

I like the idea of a cube-like case with a horizontal motherboard that can carry the weight of a large CPU heat sink more securely. But the heat sink would have to be such that it doesn’t restrict access to e.g. the memory sticks.

I don’t much care for the glass windows and the lights, but the following looks interesting:

Unfortunately in this day and age, there is usually no way of actually seeing a product before buying. And the marketing people do their utmost to make the product names as confusing as possible, so you never really know what exactly it is you’re getting.

Any thoughts?

Ping @Sonder.

EDIT: This looks interesting too, but supposedly has bad airflow.

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There are a few channels on youtube that will often try out a case.
JayzTwoCents and
Linus Tech Tips
are two such channels. Look for videos with cases that interest you

I recently built a EATX system using the Corsair 7000x


That is sexxxy.

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Is it a slushie-maker or a PC though?


Well there is a tap at the front bottom RHS in the pic.

There is the power supply behind white panel and below the graphics cards


Ive bought the define 7 xl, seems a nice case, yet to move bits into it, but plenty of hdd space ( once you buy the extra kit to hold drives).