The Numerical Value of Safecoin

Under the Safecoin tab at the bottom of the page it says “A new market place”

“Safecoins can be used to access and use network applications, with part of the ‘payment’ going directly to the application developer. Safecoins can also be bought by users unwilling, or unable to provide resource to the network. This creates a market of buyers and sellers so that farmers can sell the coins they earn for another currency. These transactions will take place on an exchange, another SAFE Network application, or directly between individuals.”

Anyone wish to expand on the idea of how or why the value of a safecoin would increase or decrease? Supply and demand usually determine value but other things like the random nature of coin distribution may be a factor.

4.3 billion SafeCoins Max.

7 billion people.

As more and more people jump into SAFE, less coins available /person. (not a bad thing though, because we have divisibility)

Price go up :slight_smile:


Don’t forget people spend them for new data activities on SAFE Network, therefore expending them back to the network.


Yeah but I think the overall price rise is summed up by my answer.

Sure there will be micro rises and falls as well. But he was asking why the price would go up over time if I understood (I might not have)

Does an algorithm auto adjust for excessive random coin distribution? And, is Safecoin a 2nd gen cryptocurrency? I believe that it is and that the apps will be using the programmability, but I’m not sure.

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