Test 6 Safesites!

Opening this thread to access each other’s safesites.

Well http://lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal.piluso.safenet/ is back!
(sort of, my GETs fail, can anyone else check if they can access?)



I get the index.html but it loads as a black screen… whatever the macromedia file is, doesn’t seem to be loading here.

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It is strange it used to load fine in the previous versions.
I keep getting: Anonymous App - Read Public File - FAILURE

Looking now I see the same in the log detail.

I see yvette.safenet is not loading quickly … though was working earlier… the other udhr seems still ok.

hdastwb.safenet is now up

It looks like http://lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalal.piluso.safenet/ is using some embedded JavaScript (lines 13-17, and some of the onLoad= things too) which is blocked by the new CSP things introduced in the last testnet: you’ll have to move those out to a separate JavaScript file to get them to run.



There seems to have been a network reset, the funny thing is that it doesn’t allow me anymore to have a 63 chars length subdomain :frowning:

I see no evidence of that.

When attempting to load any app/site I end up with this:

FfiError::DnsError → DnsError::DnsConfigFileNotFoundOrCorrupted

PAC is correct. I’m going to reboot my whole machine in the interest of being thorough in my bug reporting.

Confirming that I’ve rebooted and still have the error.

No network reset since the account i created at the start of Testnet 6 is still good, but it does seem to have lost some data such as a page i uploaded and could access yesterday but not now.

Weird, now my site is back.

It seems that actually it wasn’t an error on the length of the 63 chars, but a conflict because the same subdomain already existed… and I was trying to create it again because the service wasn’t listed (thinking that the network was reset again)

MaidSafe Demo

Delete failed

(while attempting to delete index.html… the logs on the Launcher appears as DELETE FILE - SUCCESS)

Created this day one and it’s still up - http://upstate.safenet/

Just the template for now.

(Content is there, some mp3 files truncated, CSS doesn’t work – why?)

(JS doesn’t work)
This works: http://bookdemo.fiee.safenet/book.html

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http://test.bluebird.safenet/ is still up, created at the start.

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You guys like mayonnaise? http://mayonnaise.deadloch.safenet/

Mayonnaise on pizza is excellent!