Tesla took its vehicals open source (patents at least)

Telsa took its vehicles open source- announced June 25th. Open source is not a donation economy. As Steele said it will “conquer the 1%.” Let the Maidsafe ecosystem be completely open access and noise free.

This could be off topic but Maidsafe itself is open source. It begs for an open systems movement type market vice the locked up enclosed systems that are called 'free markets."

I love Tesla’s aggressive way taking on its challenges. Its got a sister company that is putting its batteries into businesses and covering their roof tops with solar and pitching it as zero cost risk hardening. If I’ve understood correctly that’s also part of the their consumer cut the cord approach. Cells on the roof and batteries in the home so you can charge the car when you get home. They have the free supercharging solar powered stations they are putting in 98 in the US so far and pushing big numbers around the globe. They just went open with their patents and did so for the right reasons with the right attitude. They are doing their Giga factories to drive down the cost of their batteries by 30% in the first year. Their sales are way up, ratings through the roof.

Funny, kind of shows that with the right immigrant American experience its possible to do something amazing even in a built market like the American auto market- of course the company is more than Musk, includes a lot more immigrant American or just immigrant experience. Not good to bet against people who are willing to immigrate and really crash through barriers. Space X also amazing. Cosmopolitans all. Romney will be remembered for calling Tesla a loser.

I want them do a solar blanket that can work like a car tarp. Probably an expensive item but some people park their cars in enclosed lots by day. I’d also like them to do solar paint. And while they are at it let them put in the that beautiful little cut-the-cord mesh box optimized for MaidSafe.


And how are we going to crowd fund sending satellites into space so that we can decentralize SAFE Network?

I don’t see how what Tesla is doing has anything to do with anything. Open source is nice but it’s not going to conquer the 1%. That is propaganda messaging.

It’s not about conquering the 1%. It’s about learning to live with the 1%.

By the way I like Tesla motors and Space X. I just don’t see how that has anything to do with this project. SAFE Network doesn’t make cars.

Are you sure about “open source”, if so please add a reference - newspapers have used the phrase, but they are applying it incorreclyt. Elon Musk blogged12th June that he won’t sue anyone infringing patents in good faith, which is great, but doesn’t amount to open source. When Tesla gives out its designs with an open source license, that will be open source.

@luckybit I agree peace is the highest competence or possible it is the only competence if things like surgery and healing are expressions of peace. But learning to live with the 1% is possibly too passive. Akin to perptuating injustice and giving up. A trillionaire is not an effective, efficient use of capital any more than a 1% composed of billionaires with no middle class. The status quo on the 1% is a dead end kind of like learning to live with Kings. The majority of the current 1% would pack every governmental house with Eric Cantors.

@ happybeing
It was Forbes characterization. The same article tries to down play it, while sucking up to big oil. Sorry, to me it sounds like the beginning of the end of IP enclosure and half the myth that floats useless Wall st.

It was in the American South where it became apparent that expensive physical locks and walls were not necessary to enclose and enslave. And today we need MaidSafe because we have people seriously trying to enclose the internet by making it ok to be discriminatory and anti neutral in a separate but equal segregated kind of way. What is a segregation but a wall. Part of the hope for Maidsafe is that it will deprivatize by restoring the commons by breaking down the plantation walls. That is what cutting the no- value-added lynching cord is about. We don’t want them to have cash-in or ROE and we don’t want them as employers. We want them to go the way of the shoe shining trade.

Remember the old custom of the lord of the manner having first crack at one’s fiancee on the wedding night? If there were any complaint it was off with a hand. They didn’t know how to share.
A personal absolute commitment to unconditional happiness can start with sharing and openness.

Best correct the title / content of your post rather than propagate the error.

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There is an irony here. Tesla is in the NUMI plant. It seems Toyota practically gave it to them. Lets say Telsa did lay out the instructions for how to make its cars from the ground up (?) - which by the way it has an astonishing level of original content, it does seem to make an incredible number of its own parts with some important exceptions like steering column. Well Toyota did just that with GM a couple decades earlier. I am guessing it was an easy bet on Toyota’s part. Toyota knew GM could not assimilate the decentralized power techniques (not even at Saturn later) of NUMMI. GM is all about how to cheapen out the auto industry for the benefit parasitic stock holders and super managers. Every other word is “profit” at a GM annual meeting where profit may not come up at an equivalent Toyota meeting. At GM its all about how to make money for people who maybe aren’t even involved in the abstract, maybe they are trying to short the company.

Its a religion of theft- Romney would be a prime example as a liquidator and quip citing Tesla (struggling as it was then) as a loser in the Presidential elections. If he had been elected how would Tesla be doing now? Money for Tesla would have gone into climate denial.

Opening the patents could quell the acquisition spam a bit. What’s the point of acquiring Tesla to suspend patents- they’re open. A healthy GM would buy a firm to retire its patents. And realistically if we give Hyundai or Toyota the patents, they can’t figure out how to do a good knock off. Historically if Toyota did a knock off the quality went way up- hardly a knock off. How about Mercedes? Or even GM with its Volt. These firms don’t do it because its against what the power in these companies stand for, its against the interlocking boards. Its been an appeasement to political factions- the same strategy they use in cheapening out, hollowing out their markets by making money off not using air bags etc.

It may just be a start for Telsa, but is there a bigger meaningful first step that isn’t the complete immersion in the Open Source in one step? Tesla didn’t start as open source so there are understandably some steps. What has this process looked like in the case of other organizations?