Structured Data Type Numbers

Can I pre-request a certain Type Number for a future project?
A bit like Well Known Ports, I’d like my little bit of the SD-sphere to have a distinctive “port” number.

Or will it be first come - first-served? How do we avoid clashes? Trial and error? Who would maintain this registry? Would FCFS obviate the need for a registry?

If so, how can I define my own SD?
Would this be better in an RFC? Overkill, I’d have thought, others may differ.

The MO for the time being is choose a number (u64 so from 10,000 → 2^64) and make your service dominant or at least used by many, even competitors and it will become de-facto I hope.


Sure that will be enough :wink:

Doubt there will be any major issues for the time being except for a few memorable number patterns. Wonder who will take 10101010101010101010