Self-Authentication seems to Work

Client has obvious dependencies on routing which is an independent crate and is being developed really well - @benjaminbollen 's the primary maintainer there. So while that is under active development, I just coded a mock routing so that initial parts of the client could be tested to work. This mock of-course uses memory storage (instead of networking) and is very simplified view of the actual routing - just enough to fool client into believing it’s actual routing with simulated delays etc.

With that done, finished writing the account creation, putting session packet into (simulated) network, versioning it ( structured-data) and authenticating the next login by retrieving the version info and from there the latest encrypted session packet.

I’ve put it as a simple example (CLI) so if anyone wants to play with account creation and login into the Safe network, just grab the latest code from master of maidsafe-client repo (Link) and run the example:
cargo run --example self_authentication_with_mock_routing

You are more than welcome to look at the code; it’s mainly in src/client/{,} , src/client/non_networking_test_framework/



Nice one Spandan and mid sprint, like this a lot. The community tests are incredibly useful to us all. Thanks everyone


I tried this yesterday and it worked like a dream! :smile:

Thanks @ustulation