SAFEcoin to perfect money by minimizing it?

The strategy with SAFE coin seems to be to migrate from the intentional artificial scarcity of the tangible economy (credit to Dan Robles) to the abundance of the virtual economy. As we recognize that this might be money with better properties., i.e., that if all money is debt of some variety this will be constructive vice destructive debt. I’d like to suggest that might not be aiming quite high enough.

If you have any debt or any regular bills you are not free you are enslaved to money. If you have to work for other people to survive you aren’t free and the social contract of that society is broken. Work should be freely given as service in the spirit of open source open access.

The attempts to say that money is speech are attempts to say that that slavery is speech and also that the implements needed to keep slavery going which include bribery and censorship are also speech. Thus a society like the US has a tradition of laws like Santa Clara-Buckley-Citizens, weak labor law and a sponsored media to constantly mislead its people back into slavery. It’s also why it’s so averse to any limits on money including taxes and vouchers. It’s actually got laws against transparency including anti whistle blowing codes and broken suppressive IP because. It’s got lip service laws to ward off uniting claims of slavery but it also has its more cryptic core laws to keep slavery going through continued corruption.

In the traditional slave societies enslavers found they couldn’t enslave people in place so they would cart them off. This is what having both spouse in the work place means today. In traditional slavery one person paid another for a prisoner whose life was converted to labor over the withholding of food/water and through constant punishment, negative reinforcement and threats. In the current wage system the slave/employee is paid what would have been paid to the slave trader but vital to the system it is never enough to free the enslaved employee, they can run from one mast to another but it makes no difference. This is especially the case where pensions are absent.

If it’s not clear enough, say you’re born into a world where someone else has prior claim to all the assets and all the resources. That is not simply a function of population, it’s an intentional situation.

All slavery is slavery even its milder forms and all of them will revert to the harder forms when threatened or when the opportunity presents. It’s not enough simply to wish to take the place of the master in enslavement. The promise of Secure Access for Everyone implies reliable access to the good life and opportunity for everyone, and that means no slavery in any form, the aim is a coercion (violence) free society. That means true voluntary collaboration not working for other people to get money.


what’s that :question:

I expect some reference to corporate personhood…

I keep hear you talking about “artificial scarcity society” and remember hearing you call diamonds “artificially scarce” as well as money and reveal other things. What is your definition of this term?

Diamonds are not artificially scarce, they are in limited supply just like gold, skilled labor, true original thought, among a lot of other things. That’s why diamonds, gold, skilled labor and intellectual property have a cost. They are indeed hard to come by by nature.

Money as we know it today IS artificially scarce as the production of it is controlled. There could be a nearly infinite amount of it, yet there isn’t because someone said no.

Please define your term, or point me to something with a definition, because right now you’re lumping things that are actually scarce with things that clearly are not, and it makes it hard for me to give credence to your comments.

If you have debt it’s because you put yourself in debt. If you have regular bills it’s because someone else has something that you want on an ongoing basis. Electricity costs real time an energy to make. As does maintaining the infrastructure to get it to you. Food has a real cost to go and transport to a location near you. Do you like oranges in the winter? They probably came from Brazil. Want them for free? Fly there and pick your own.

You are not a slave because things cost money, you are a slave because you choose to see yourself as such. Be a master, do something, build something, offer something to someone else. Your time, effort, materials are worth something. You claim all the time that your time isn’t free, that’s why you rage against advertising. Other people’s time isn’t free either. They brought you things, compensate them for it.

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@dallyshalla In Santa Clara the oldest of the three a new (amendment) meant to to support human rights on in a rail road case (rail road injury generating so much of the duty to others tort doctrin) gets twisted into a dilution of human rights with redundant corporate personhood nonsense. Especially eggregious (easy to look up) as I think think the thwarted amendement was meant to protect freed slaves or guard against backsliding. Think I need to look it up…

Buckley v Velajo was the money is speech doctrine from the 70s coincinciding with the fake economy and the profit is the whole point of business nonsense. All of this was meant to allow capital to preserve its power in the face of automation that made it obsolete and to transition us back to a plantation situation reinforced by tech instead of permanently eliminated by it. Revenge of the idiotic Southern way.

And Citzens v. United is the no limits on political bribery law brought about apparently in part because conservative Clarence Thomas wife took a million dollar pay off.

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Diamonds are/were actually artificially scarce. DeBeers is sitting on massive piles of diamonds just to keep the price high. Well today maybe not as much but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if they still do it.

Random DeBeers diamond hoarding link

Money is only artificially scarce with the people. For the bankers it’s virtually infinite. ;p

And I agree with Warren about slavery (and most of what he said). Society today is geared toward “civil slavery” where we’re all stuck in sometimes multiple jobs per person, with both spouses working etc. and absolutely no time to mentally or physically care about important issues, such as the fact that they’re wage slaves in the first place. We’re not being beaten but there’s definitely a societal pressure to become a sardine. Sure you can start your own business but we’re all still slaves to money and bills. Saying we’re only slaves because we choose to be or see it that way is kind of false, since currently the only way out of the matrix is to go live in the woods, and that’s not very practical. I mean I might do it if I could hook up a dish and steal wifi somehow. :wink:


They aren’t artificially scarce if DeBeers owns them all and you are not DeBeers.

I can dig all the want in my backyard, and the chances of me bringing up a diamond are pretty slim.

All and all Warren’s rants are Warren’s rants, and the chance of SAFE coin registering as even a significant altcoin are slim.

Cryptocurrencies are going to be useful in that they can circulate in their own economies i.e. The SAFEnetwork and make the network run economically efficiently. When they start to reach outside of their bounds and change the politcal/economic forces of the world, they cease to be about what they are about to the detriment of what they are about. SAFEcoin ought to be about SAFE…

…to find how to spell it… :smiley:


Blasphemy!.. :smiley:

@whiteoutmashups I am afraid you might have to read a particular book, but its not a very long or dense one. It wasn’t well reguarded when published and its author has moved on but the points never left me. Its Rifken’s “The End of Work.”

My issue is not that we might enter in to a fair exchange for fair value on a level playing field. On the contrary, its that we haven’t set up our system to support freedom. What we have now is again more and more just slavey by other names and you know I think is protracted murder or the most eggregious form of murder. We will hear: but we’ve never seen true capitalism or communism, but that is nonsense especiallt in the case of capitalism.

I am saying we could set up society to make every one materially self sufficient, no need for welfare or outside work. And we would do this and prioritize this above all else because this is the best chance at a voluntary, coercion (violence) free life. The is community hardening and the core of it is decentralization and open source, open access. It gets rid of the enclosure implements that create artificial scarcity including gateways, toll roads and arbitrary property claims and replaces it with a useable efficient effective commons where there arent any tragedy of the commons excuses nor are we back to the stone age.

We have the tech to get rid of personal debt, regular bills and having to work for others to simply to survive. We can rise above a desperate survival situatuon and get our societal spine back. We have the tools and resources to beat dependence. Its our inheritance. No reason to have to work now more than double what we did outside the home prior to language and tools and to do it for other people because other people think of us a property when we free up untill about 10000 years ago when wauting in lines and hierarchy arose. Most of the rhetoric about property is about trying to support defacto slavery, instead of using property to free people.

Not long after the revolutionary war a Brit noble came over and noticed American society was full of homesteaders working for themselves… He told Jefferson he thought that made us weak as a society because their was little ability to coerce people to do things. No coercive power of money etc. But Jefferson saw it as a strength as these were free citizens with a piece of the franchise. Today we have consumers instead of citizens and they are pimped out with the state’s blessing over money, they are fully commoditized and productized right down to their synthetic world view.

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