Safecoin release rate

What could be the difference between a gradual safecoin release say over 5 years, 2 years or 100 years?

Also why would any particular release rate be preferable over any other?

It isn’t just “released” to “whoever” over “however long of time’” lol, there’s actual math involved.

People mine coins by doing things, like using the network, hosting data, using the currency, etc. Everything is calculated by the network purposefully, to make a harmonious ecosystem / economy


That’s a relief, but my point is at what rate are the algorithms set to release the 85% of Safecoin yet to be released/farmed. Seems like there’s lots of factors to be considered - overall network health, a wider coin distribution, adoption incentives, price stability/growth and probably a whole heap more.

I think I heard @dirvine mention before that the aim was to have the vast majority of coins out within 5 (or was it 10?) years and was wondering why that time frame was preferable to any other.

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The “algorithms” will be tested before finalising, but will be designed to release (i.e. distribute rewards to farmers) at a rate that adjusts automatically to ensure a balance its reached between resource demand and supply.

I think this addresses your concern, but please clarify if not.

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I guess I’m thinking about it in certain ways to do with the economics. To begin with it would seem the network has the capacity to ‘over reward’ farmers to encourage growth/safety margins n the network. As the network reaches close to having the all coins released in the wild then scarcity will impact the price per safecoin, or at least that seems to make sense to me (although is for sure not the only thing to be considered). I guess I’m just wondering how many people those 85%ish of the overall supply of safecoins will go to, there more the better it would seem to me. I don’t know if the social effects of maximal distribution are taken into account when factoring in this ‘release’ of the 85% of coins, or whether it’s nothing more than a byproduct of the way the network will look after itself.

As explained, the release is tired algorithmically to create a balance between resources and demand. It’s not according to any planned timescale, and the(fiat) price is factored out automatically.

At the same time, farming rewards are being designed to favour decentralised distribution, and inhibit centralisation, to help spread Safecoin amongst as many participants as possible.

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