Safecoin Denominations

If and when Safecoin breaks down into denominations, what should we name the denominations?

My vote is for…

Palladium = 100 SC
Platinum = 10 SC
Gold = 1 SC
Silver = 1/10 SC
Tin. = 1/100 SC
Copper = 1/1000 SC
Steel = 1/10000 SC
Iron = 1/100000 SC

Cup of coffee, that will be 2 Silver Safecoins please.

This would be awesome if one day Safecoin matched the price of gold. Can you say self fulfilling prophecy :smile:

Escalicha =1/1000000

What is an Escalicha? :smile:


I understand the need to split Safecoin into smaller denominations. But I’m concerned about the Network load it may cause… like bringing a giant bag of pennies to pay for groceries. If it’s not an issue then just make the smallest denomination needed for the next 5 years.

I would pick this one.

“Safecoin (1/1000)”

  • It’s tiny but not too tiny.
  • Safecoin at $10 is $0.01 for this denomination… enough room to grow.
  • Safecoin at $10 also gives us a market cap around 5 Billion, sounds reasonable.

The bullet points are pure speculation for the next 5 years. I really don’t know what will happen. But if we follow a similar growth pattern to Bitcoin then (1/1000) seems reasonable.

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Who is better! hi, I’m Escalicha, reputated trader from localbitcoins lol

Nothing else lol

Regards friend

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I’ve never really understood the purpose to the divisibility. It’s just a number of digital credits, whether to the right, or left, of the decimal place. If you want 4.3 billion credits, you can have 4.3 with whatever ratio to the right or left of the decimal, but if you have 4.3 billion Safecoin, every spot to the right of the decimal means you have 10X as many digital units. I could see why allowing for hundredths of a Safecoin would seem familiar with people, but now we’re talking about 430 billion digital units… which is fine with me, as long as the total number is fixed, I don’t really care how many of them there are. I don’t know that there’s any benefit to having ten thousandth.

If Safecoin is divisible to 100 millionth, that means there are 430 quadrillion units. I think having 430 quadrillion whole units would fine. I think having 4.3 quadrillion Safecoin that could be divisible by one hundredths would be fine. We could have only 4.3 Safecoin and only deal in fractions, but I don’t see why we would.

There are approx 300,000 Satoshis per every human on the planet, and there are people out there who think that 21 million bitcoin is too few to work for the globe.