SafeCloset - a Rust app for secrets a bit like a Safe Network account

This is a useful article summarising the design goals for an app - SafeCloset -designed to secure secrets (passwords and documents).

The parallels with an account on Safe Network are obvious, although this is a stand alone app (written in Rust like Safe Network). Some of the things we’ve discussed to help secure data on Safe are features of SafeCloset (like hidden accounts) and there are things in the article (below) which haven’t had much attention here. Safe Network also solves some of the things which SafeCloset does not, such as synchronisation. So it is very useful to read the goals and features of SafeCloset and contrast them with the features of an account on SN.

There is also the possibility that SafeCloset could be a model for a SN app, or adapted/forked to take advantage of secure storage on SN.

I’ve contacted the author @dystroy (welcome!) and invited him to take a look at any comments here.

So if you have any comments on the goals listed in the article or on SafeCloset I’m n sure he’d be interested to read them.

This blog lists the aims of SafeCloset:

Here @dystroy describes his SafeCloset app:

You can follow the author here, on Mastodon of course :wink:: Denys Séguret: "In this article, I'm trying to capture my require…" - Mastodys


I confirm “the author” is here. But I’ll have to read more about the project before I can make relevant comments.


Pity there is no OSX version.


I don’t compile myself for Mac but SafeCloset runs on Mac if you compile it yourself. See Install - SafeCloset


I had a quick tinker last night. Will have a longer play later. I like the focus on UX, speed and ease of use. Quick comment: I find the dark colours hard to read and can’t seem to change them in my terminal. Are there some config options?


Not yet. I’m used to such configuration (see broot) but nobody requested it until now and I’d have to be very cautious with every kind of configuration as it’s very easy to add weaknesses (and TTY isn’t really secure by design…).

Is the problem because you’re in a light terminal ? An alternative to configurable skins I have in some other TUIs is to detect whether the terminal is dark or light and choose one of two hardcoded skins.


Yes, changing it to a dark background improves things a lot.