SAFEapp: Farming Performance Tables

One app I’ve been thinking of writing, because it interests me and could start very simple is a farming stats app.

We’re all wondering how different farming setups will perform, so I think the information such an app could provide would be very interesting, and the app could prove very popular.


App users would opt in for the app to gather and upload any info in it they want to share about their hardware setup, type of connection, system availability, current rank, farm rate per GB over day/week/month etc, and that data would be included in a shared database as a sortable/filterable table. I think it would be very popular! Although I’m guessing MaidSafe might have this kind of thing covered already.

Want To Collaborate?

I don’t have lots of time for writing code, but even so am itching to have a go at something! If anyone wants to join me, or even work together on separate apps, let me know. I’m happy to help you build your app, or to work on a joint app, or to get feedback or ideas for anything that I put together.

@Viv I know you’re the app guy and so if this is already something planned, I’d be happy to contribute ideas or testing etc. instead. Or to learn about anything that would help a non-MaidSafe project along these lines :slight_smile:


Very interesting and will provide superb feedback. We may have some python etc. API’s very soon and this will make such a tool much simpler to write I think. Great idea.


An analytic tool for farming that monitors bandwidth usage combined with load on hard drives and such is that possible to make and is that something that is already been thought of. Would be great to see where bottlenecks in the setup are and what you can do to reach a higher level.