Safe-Search, bringing content discovery to the SAFE network

@AndyAlban this is great news :clap:

I’d like to suggest you and @Shane consider adoption of LinkedData/RDF for content storage and public indexing, and use in content creation.

Using LinkedData makes the separation between app and data much wider - opening up the content to more and different kinds of app, at the same time as enhancing the value of the content by adding semantics and RDF rules (for validation I think).

I suggest at some point you (and others) could get together and talk to the Solid team to get their thoughts on how to do this - one now works on the Qwant search engine.

Meanwhile I’m making a portability layer that will allow SAFE and SOLID apps to work on either platform if they use LDP (Linked Data Platform) for storage operations. There’s an API ready to look at when you want, but I haven’t implemented the storage operations yet.

UPDATE: Related to my suggestion that developers consider LinkedD/RDF for increasing interoperability and usefulness of the data created by SAFE apps, this just appeared in the Solid chat: Solid Application Data Discovery