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Maybe we even want to not use any longer a unique naming system …?

There is a pretty old topic about a petname system that i like a lot to be honest

A petname system obviously only makes sense if you can share your name space with your friends and connect them - if you can send another person a link that is valid on both ends…

… Large benefit would be that I would be able to visit your blog by going to safe://shane no matter how many other shanes are on this planet and there couldn’t be Domain squatting…
But yes its very different to what people are used to see in the internet…

Just thought I’d mention it - maybe it’s something you might think about some moments


You know what we had some interesting proposals back then - I’ll just throw in another idea by @Seneca

Pretty interesting as well - if you search the forum we had other ideas too (but those two left the deepest impressions in my memory)