Safe Network genesis message, what would you choose?

The genesis block in bitcoin contains a message that has become quite famous: “The Times 03/Jan/2009 Chancellor on brink of second bailout for banks”.

This was probably intended as proof that the block was created on or after January 3 2009, as well as an insight into the motives, purposes and philosophy of bitcoin.

Safe Network doesn’t currently have a place to include a genesis message like this, but if it did, what headline or soundbite do you think would best capture the motives, purposes and philosophy of the network? Could be an existing headline, could be something made up, could be a real headline from the future if you’re a time traveler, everything goes!


Secure Access For Everyone


Maybe define each word so that it can’t be misinterpreted or “interpreted” to mean something else.

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And/or translations into all known languages?

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all original source code for all components as they are at the start?



The only way to win is not to play.


The day the network goes live, I bet you there will be a news tiltle of current serious flaw in data privacy that we can use in a similar fashion, both as time stamp and purpose statement.
Great idea!
PS also, what will be the NRS or XOR address?

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How close is it to going live?

The project started 14 years ago. Is there a date that we think it could go live by?

What remains to be built before it can go live?

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It was well before that :wink:

No and we will all know at the same time.

If by live you mean released, then upgrades mainly. There are some parts not following the design fundamentals but they are very limited now and likely won’t even be in the testnet.

This is now Safe as it was meant to be and the testnet will be feature complete. This is a vital step to the real thing and no more stories or buy the dream.

Yes it took a while and took many wrong turns and for that, we have no excuse, but now the story is very different.


It’s very impressive just how long you — and your entire team — have persevered. I learned of MaisSAFE back in 2012 when researching distributed networks. And around 2016 I really got into learning about its design.

I started writing a big comment and will turn it into a post.


Looking forward to that, one day I will write the maidsafe story and the problems of trying to build something very different. It’s not easy, but it is worth it.


Yep @dirvine it sometimes takes that long and some false starts to build a world-changing infrastructure and set of tools! I am a fellow-traveler with that approach. I started Qbix in 2011 with my cofounder Zak. We still call ourselves a “startup”, if you can believe that!

In 2014 we met Tim Berners-Lee and his SoLiD team. Since then our apps have reached 9 million people in 95+ countries, made $1MM in revenue and we used it all to build an open source platform (GitHub - Qbix/Platform: Qbix Platform for powering Social Apps ( that can power things such as as to let anyone run their own social network. We wanted to move the Web from feudalism to a free market (QBUX Whitepaper)

But the Web’s client-server model was not secure enough and resilient enough, with the possibility for DDOS and leaking everything from a database etc. So we started Intercoin in 2017 to build voting, governance, programmable currencies etc. I met and spoke with Stefan Thomas back when he was CTO of Ripple (now they launched Interledged Protocol and started a $100M fund for Web Monetization with Mozilla). As well as David Schwartz, Leslie Lamport and others. I needed to understand what the landscape of BFT distributed systems looked like and I found simple solutions, of which SAFE is the closest to what would be ideal.

We are back-end agnostic, because we mostly build the app layer and UX. I really do believe we will be able to drive a lot of usage and infrastructure to SAFE one day. But at the moment Qbix uses LAMP style stack (+ Node for realtime stuff) while Intercoin is built on the EVM which is supported by Ethereum, Tron, xDaiChain and a growing number of blockchains. We look forward to moving beyond blockchains though… and MaidSAFE almost has everything we need, but it needs to become a bit more flexible to support different consensus models and smart contracts, for us to be able to use if. It is actually quite simple to implement, and I discuss it in the other post. All you’d need to do is make the consensus mechanism be abstracted away into a module that vaults download when they join a given section. And the ability for vaults execute “stored procedures” in opcodes like the EVM does. All the SAFE network would have to do is provide a method to rollback a transaction, and let the rest be done inside the smart contracts running in the section.


The genesis message should be… “never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.”
I think that would be the most timeless message we could leave the future.


If there is to be one it should be this “The time of oppressed people is over, now is the time for humanity!”

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I second this.


It wasn’t the banks that were getting bailed out it was the natural gas fraud and it wasn’t the 2nd time but the millionth time. And bitcoin itself was apparently another bailout of natural gas cooked up by people in the W. Admin. Its also obviously not a stable store of value and its phone home ledger feature is being used by Yellen and crew to check laundering. It was apparently a dry run on some of the tech that will be used for the crypto fortified Special Draft Reserves that will give us the global governance money used to equalize 5 major fiat curriencies while retaining decentralized features and some power against hacks of its centralized weaknesses.

Let the genesis statement reflect: the end of the greatest fraud in human history (natural gas) and the end of the bribery based system of media that was used to endlessly foist that austerity and poverty inducing fraud on the public across decades. We went from apparently landing on the moon in the space age to the lost decades of the flatulent Enron era where the dumbest and most inbred among us took over claiming their destined status irrevocably granted by virtue of entitled high birth.

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Hey, It came out sooner than expected, didn’t it?


In retrospect, it was inevitable.


From digital feudalism to a free market.