SAFE Network Dev Update - June 6, 2019

I should add to this discussion that the UX that we’ll be exploring and testing in the first instance is the Data Sharing Controls model. This is where your data space on the network is akin to your computer hard drive: you can use apps freely to read/write without explicit upfront authorisation, but need to authorise any action that would publish or share data.

You’d still have the option to turn on more traditional Access Controls for each, or every app—and we can provide for a locker/enclave within your account where this is the default.

Going with this approach aims to reduce the permissions fatigue that would not only make for an arduous UX, but also could end up being less secure than it at first appears, and not take advantage of the great data control model that SAFE enables.

Again, this is the approach we’ll be taking initially on UX design, until testing, feedback or other constraints push us in another direction. It’s better to do this, than invest in working up a much more complex UX, only to tear it down later, or not have the space/time to realise the more human centred vision.

There is a great thread on it here BTW, with some really useful ideas, which would be a good place to chip in if you’re interested.