SAFE Network Dev Update - June 27, 2019


Here are some of the main things to highlight this week:


Over the recent weeks, you’ll have all clearly seen the change in tempo and we’re not planning to slow down. Oh no!

Never one to shy away from a challenge, the Front End team have been sharing how they plan to design the network. So we’re not just focusing on all the Back End stuff (which is of course super critical) but we want to make sure every developer and every web user in the world can actually use the Network.

There’s also been a range of content this week, from the SAFE Gossip Newsletter (which should be in your inbox now) to our latest musings on the past fortnight’s privacy and surveillance stories over on Twitter. And let’s not forget we’ve now got a new events page on the forum, so at any given time you can see what the team are up to and find a meetup near you. We’ll need your help in keeping this updated though, so make sure you let us know when you’re hosting your next meetup!

And finally, a shout out to community member @ogrebgr who has developed a proof-of-concept prototype for a chat app on the SAFE Network. Pop over to the Dev Forum to find out more and to test drive it yourself.

User Experience

Quite a week for us in the UX Design team, as we finally get to pull the covers back on our approach to designing and explain how we’re going to change the world by putting this wonderful system in your hands.

What it enables—and how it’ll transform your relationship with the web, your data, and even your thoughts—is rich and nuanced, so we’re breaking it down a little.

Come and read about how we are layering up the features of the Network in a UX Roadmap and delve into how we’re going to get there.

We’re going to continue discussing these milestones over the coming weeks so your thoughts and ideas, as always, are most welcome. Remember to clap and share to help us spread the word—we need your help in making sure the world hears us loud and clear.

And we haven’t forgotten about those folks who don’t use Medium, as you can find both part one and part two, right here on the forum.


Project plan

This week we’ve been diving deep into the files functionality for the CLI, aligning with the updated client libs APIs and creating our own wrapper functionality for some of those. We have a first version of safe cat working with files uploaded via safe files put (against our internal mock functionality). safe files put is working recursively (i.e. you can upload whole folders + subfolders via one command).

We’re setting up the functionality for creating FilesMap’s (see the PNS/NRS RFC) structure with a pseudo RDF data representation for now. A FilesMap is the internal data representation for what is known to the user as FilesContainer’s (it’s been called NFS container so far), i.e. the type of container which is meant to link files with a virtual hierarchy. The first step is to have FilesContainer’s implemented as Published AppendOnlyData, linking files which are uploaded as Published ImmutableData.

For the curious ones, something more visual should help in understanding it more easily :wink:

$ safe files put ./to-upload/ --recursive --pretty
FilesContainer created at: "safe://bbkulcb5hsl2zbsia4af5i7myv2ujbet7di4gx5bstduikwgobru67esqu"
+  ./to-upload/index.html          safe://bbkulcax6ulw7ovqhpsindkybsum4tusmvuc7ovtr2bu5gj6m4ugtu7euh
+  ./to-upload/myfolder/notes.txt  safe://bbkulcan3may5gmqxqonwaoz2cjlkuc4cflrhwitmzy7ur4paof4u57yxz
+  ./to-upload/img.jpeg            safe://bbkulcbtiq3vg4xehqbrjd2gz4kljguqtds5ko5khexya3v3k7scymcphj

Note that the + sign means the files were all added to the FilesContainer, which will make more sense later on when we see how to use the files sync command to update and/or delete files.

Hopefully, we will be able to start implementing the safe files sync command in the next couple of days, once FilesContainer’s implementation is in place.

Mock interface

Project plan

Picking up from last week, we continue to refine the API for the new data types, test Safecoin and resolving issues with integrating Client Libs with the SAFE CLI. With the data-types now feature-complete in the mock vault, we are now optimizing the implementation and refactoring it to fit frontend requirements. The current milestone is nearing completion, clearing the path for the team working on the CLI to take over with full steam.

With PR 869 merged, we rounded up the new data types implementation, making all the three types feature-complete and putting an end to the data-types PoC milestone. Once the RFC process is closed we will review the implementation to ensure it aligns with the agreed outcome.

Recently, we created the new safe-nd Rust crate. This crate holds all the data types and identity structures that are common to both Client Libs and Vaults. With the vault implementation off to a good start, a number of breaking changes came into the safe-nd crate. The team took the call to address these changes now to avoid any technical debt in the future. Moving forward, teams working with Client Libs and Vaults will be working closely together on a compatible interface that will make switching to non-mock simpler than ever.

The next steps would be to adapt the components of Client Libs such as safe_authenticator and safe_app to make use of the new data types. A project plan is already in place. We will be adding more tasks and kicking off this milestone soon. We are also starting to put some thought into the FFI layer which (with some SAFE Bindgen magic :wink:) will allow the API to be accessible from other programming languages too. Exciting times ahead!


Project plan

With last week seeing the general structure put in place, this week saw work on implementing RPCs and client communication. First out of the gate is storing and retrieving immutable data. We welcome @adam to the project after his impressive work on quic-p2p in Routing and work on this crucial component is now really taking off!

SAFE Browser

Another piece of fantastic news this week. We’ve been working towards the release of the next version of the SAFE Browser. We’ve got a good batch of (150+) commits of fixes and features coming to you with version 0.14.0. So whats new? This version includes fixes to some pesky bug issues, improved internal logging as well as an update to Electron v4. But don’t take our word for it, go and download the latest version now!

Integration of quic-p2p into Routing

Project plan

Most of this project was merged last week :tada: so work has been focused on simplifications and clean up. Always feels good when you can wrap up a project, especially as now we can shift more resources to Vaults which is top priority.

Reliable Message Delivery

Project plan

Reliable Message Delivery is another component we can soon place in the completed column with the last task now in review :smile:. This means we can swiftly move on to the next step which is Secure Message Delivery and BLS.


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Now I’ve read it:

Yet another great update. Things are moving aling nicely and great to see people are starting to move around not because they can’t work on something because it’s at a standstill, but because their part is done!


I’m going to download the new browser - then I’ll read the rest :slight_smile:


Top five yet again!! :smiley:


D’oh! Was going to try to participate in the race to be at least top 5… better luck next week :slight_smile:


Closer to the goal step by step, day by day, week by week! :fist: :slight_smile:
Let’s get the your reactions and feedback rolling guys! :fire: We starving for 'em!


Mmm… Dropbox functionality! Looking forward to seeing that!

Great update and I’ve loved the UI articles. Really excellent and shared in LinkedIn!


Very good update as always!

Special thanks to my bulgarian friend @ogrebgr that he allowed me to be the first to test his SAFE chat program :stuck_out_tongue:


Yes I have Zignals on my Android
DM your reachout to me at “ziggy” so we can test it


Mostly worked on safe_vault and safe-nd this week and it’s been fun :slight_smile:


SAFE Browser v0.14.0 creates suspended process and fails to destroy it when browser is exiting. OS: Win 7 SP1 x64. (it happens from time to time)

upd. Also when I try to log in, I constantly getting “Serialisation error” message. And when I try to open link, “Setup Incomplete. Connection not available yet.” message.


The UX stuff is looking amazing @maidsafe! Keep up the great work.

The fact that SAFE will store data in a file system like format with pretty URL’s using the Public Naming System is so cool. Really like a mini OS in a OS.

Glad @adam finally officially joined the team!


To clarify, what was meant in the update was that he moved his focus from routing and quic-p2p integration to vaults


And given that he’s one of the most productive devs I’ve ever met I’m very excited about the near future for vaults :smile:


Me too! @adam is a github rockstar!


Thanks so much to everyone for all of the hard work they are doing. But remember to pace yourself because there is a long road ahead.


team maidsafe scores another big weekly :ok_hand:


Yeah, it should make our lives so much easier when updating websites/webapps than it is now on alpha2. Just in case you didn’t see this, this is the plan ahead in relation to updating a FilesContainer with files sync cmd: