SAFE Crossroads Podcast Ep04, Ben Bollen Talks Dessert, and Rust on Bare Metal

Thanks to Ben for being a wonderful guest.

Special thanks to @LNC for helping keep my mistake from being a complete loss. (You’ll have to listen to find out.)


Thanks @fergish and @LNC for a great opportunity to reflect on the recent history of project SAFE, the motivations and the near-future; I had a great time chatting away !

and an opportunity for us to again invite everyone to dig into the core-code and start contributing :smile:


Thanks for arranging, performing and publishing this interview guys.

Good after the 32 minute mark or so. I want to learn Rust now if I ever write another computer program :wink:

I must warn any other maidsafers that are IT professionals, this will melt your brain unless you skip the first 32 minutes or so. The reason is the feigning of lack of knowledge about basic computer science.

From minute 0 through 17 : If you know what a computer is, what an algorithm is, and what a computer program is, skip it.

From 17 to 21: skip unless this interests you: What is a library? Answer as if I never #include d a library before.

From 22 to 32: skip unless you don’t know the answers to questions like: What is a programming language? What do compilers do? “Do computers speak different languages”? What is TCP/IP?

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I totally agree. If you know these things you won’t gain more knowledge about them from listening to the first part, but hopefully it’s not insulting. It is being broken down to lay the groundwork for those that don’t get it so much, which is a lot of the reason why I’m doing it this way. I’m really not feigning ignorance as much as it might seem. I learned a lot working over those parts, especially pre-interview, so I’m hoping they were meaningful to others.

And, yes, the full breakdown on Rust is inspiring!

I’m really eager for input on how to increase the understanding of the non-tech community without offending the guys that already know stuff.


I’m not sure if you were intentionally doing a first half / second half split there. Announcing it up front is how I’ve seen it done with other podcasts. So the host says: the first half of this interview, about 30 minutes or so, is going to be covering more basic information for the newcomers, so if you’re already well informed you might want to skip ahead. Or just have some episodes be more technical than others, like a ski slop, easy, medium, hard sort of thing.

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I see what you’re saying.

The idea was to use the first half to make the second as (or nearly as) meaningful to the uninitiated as to the initiated, because the latter material was extremely relevant to all.

I agree it would have been better to lay that out up front. Thanks for pointing it out.

On the ski slope analogy, I’m really not qualified to go to far on the medium slope and definitely no where near the advanced. And what I’m working on right now is inclusion and outreach near the lower level.

But such shows would be good. I’m open to also having other contributors on The Crossroads and would love to have a slot for a more advanced corner, properly labelled. That could include podcasts, articles, etc., by anyone who has meaningful contributions. Such an invitation has been posted on the website from day one. I’d love it if someone wanted to take me up on the invite.

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