SAFE Crossroads Podcast #17, Surfing the SAFE Network

Surfing the SAFE Network

In this Episode

Another interview on The Crypto Show, talking more basics about the SAFE Network, and an interview with Will Gallo, member of ths San Francisco SAFE Pod, regarding application--proposed as well as well developed--to run on top of the SAFE Network. The field for creation is wide open and waiting for talented coders to get busy.

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Music for this episode: SAFE Crossroads and Magic Words, original pieces, composed and performed by Nicholas Koteskey of Two Faced Heroes

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The Crypto Show

Will’s Apps Page

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Wow! That came out fast. Gonna listen right now!

Edit: and hey thanks again for letting me come on! Was lots of fun, and thanks for sticking with me through all the far out there parts like SAFEcortex etc. It’s a great thing you’re doing for the community, keep it up!!


I have been developing a concept of idea of a game on paper.
What i have learnt from maidsafe it is not having total ownership and stamping it with a trademark licence but allowing the community to build on your ideas and to expand and have involvement as an active particapatant where the whole community benifits.
My idea involves artist in all area’s to manufactures to online businesses of retaill, it involves all the talents of everyone and transforms it into a product where everyone can benift.
I am waiting for the safe network to luanch to see what options I will have to form my master plan.
It all depends if i can create digital assets rights similar to safe coin so peoples labour can not be stolen.


If you listen to episode #15, with Ben Bollen, you’ll get the idea of structured data. Check the SAFE Network Glossary here also

Safecoin is to be implemented as a special form of structured data. I’m pretty sure that there will be no problem making other tokens which can be represented by other values, much like those made on the Counterparty and Onmi protocols on the bitcoin blockchain.

Couldn’t tell you how to do it at this point, but float it as a question on the forum. There are undoubtedly others who can give more data than I.

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