SAFE Crossroads Host, on Crypto Gossip

Peter Robertson is one of the hosts of Crypto Gossip, a regular podcast out of Melbourne. Recently, with a new sub-theme show called CryptoGoss, One-on-One, he took some time to scratch under the surface and find out a bit more about me, John Ferguson, the Simpleton of Project SAFE.

While most anything I discuss these days circles around the SAFE Network, Peter wanted to discover a bit more about my background, philosophy, influences and motivations, and generally what makes me tick. Not sure how he succeeded on that score. He wasn’t successful at coaxing out anything as salacious or scandalous as he might have, but I think you might find some of what we covered worth listening to.

Of course, it wasn’t all about the SAFE Network, but these days everything in my world does circle back there, and my view of the world is very relevant to why I’m on board with the Project SAFE.


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