SAFE blockchains as a core functionality

Would it be possible to allocate storage space for blockchains as a core functionality in the SAFE network? For example the network could automatically and dynamically calculate the cost per transaction (paid with safecoins). And each blockchain can have a unique ID. In this way the data storage for the blockchains would be decentralized without any owner. The deduplication functionality in the SAFE network makes the storage of blockchains efficient. And no need for miners, proof of stake or any other form of consensus model since that will be handled by the SAFE core.

Blockchains are just a string of files, each including the hash of the previous… There is no reason those cannot be stored on SAFE.

I have thought that the Bitcoin blockchain will likely be referenced via SAFE a lot – It is a big file to store locally and de-duplication will save massive amounts of space around the world.

Yes, but who owns the data for the blockchains? If there is any owner of the blockchain data, then it becomes centralized.

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Files on SAFE don’t require an owner. They can have an owner, but they don’t have to.

But if there is no owner of a file then what prevents anybody from writing fake transactions into it?

I won’t even try to comment, I’ll just say this exact topic was discussed mere days ago, but here we go again…

Files are stored according to the hash of their contents.

If they are modified, then the hash is different, and they are a different file.

If 57 people have the original contents, the deterministic nature of the encryption scheme says that all 57 copies will be devided up and chunked exactly the same and the network will store the file in the same addresses etc. (Thus not needing to be stored again and again)

Yes, the blocks will have to be separate files I think, because of the growing size of the blockchain. But to verify a transaction will be very cumbersome for clients this way (when the blockchain has become large). Otherwise this rather cumbersome method would not be needed: Public Ledgers and Proof of Transparency on SAFE – Public Ledgers and Proof of Transparency on SAFE

Yes, Blockchain technology is cumbersome… It is what it is. Rube Goldberg.

SAFE has simpler consensus mechanisms built in. I am hoping that can be leveraged for a more efficient solution.

The developers are “thinking about it” – I suspect something will emerge.