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Using safecoins for an ad service would be excellent. And click fraud can be prevented a lot since all users on the SAFE network have a unique user ID. Moderation of ads will still be very burdensome however. Maybe an unmoderated ad service would be possible unless it would deteriorate into a total mess of illegal stuff and such, ha ha.

I’m tempted to develop such ad service for the SAFE network. And the business model would be to only have a small fee, such as 1% of the revenue.

And the ads can have vote up and down buttons. That could possibly function as a user-moderation of the ads.

Why would this ever work?

So your ad service would have access to my ID without my permission?

And it would be on other than on opt in basis, unless your intent is turn SAFE into a platform to exploit the stupid and keep people ignorant?

And because you think we’d want to pay with our contributed resources to see and spread your spam.

And because you prefer prioritzation of commercial speech over other forms of speech, dont see the risk and conflict there and think money or power is speech and shouldn’t be questioned or opposed?

Because you think SAFE should not be an end user controlled means of end user empowerment but rather a means of extending supplyside hegemony, monopoly, artificial scarcity schemes including walled gardens and toll gateways and other forms of lost opportunity and elite welfare?

Because end user attention, which ultimately defines them as persons, is not the property of the end user and its also ok to interrupt and steal that energy sunk into resultant disruption and aggravation like shit covered flies on people’s faces as long as its not too much leading to actual violence and suicide because supply side priviledge!

I thought the SAFE user ids were always accessible as a public attribute. If that’s not the case then the apps and services that use the ads would have to delegate the user ids to the ad service somehow. Without user ids and rate limits there will be massive amounts of click fraud.

Instead of either/or I see ads as a part of a both/and for apps on the SAFE network. And it will be self-regulating in the sense that apps that use ads will have to compete with ad-free apps that earn safecoins without the need for any advertisement. A SAFE app can earn safecoins directly based on user traffic. That’s very different than on the Web today where ads are a must for many services.

That was to be expected and it’s gonna happen whether you like it or not. You don’t have a say on the matter, you can’t censor how people will use the network. But you always have a choice to not use any services or app that monetize using ads. That choice is always yours to make.

Personnaly I hope devs will find creative ways to fund their app using Safecoins. It’s a micro-payment platform unlike any others and I hope most won’t settle for the easy solution of adding ads. Add to that that you can generate Safecoins just by using your computer, spending them is gonna be a no brainer, like I said before, it’s almost like playing poker with play money, you barely think twice about it.

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@davidmt Did you read my response? So how much of SAFE is going to be filled with spam? So I am going to hand over capacity to drive double click. So this public id stuff is a reality? That sounds like the ads like the ad pipe switch for ap writers that was in the early docs- if that is still there it needs to come out. Implies a built in ad console burried in the open code?

Also left out a SAFE browser as well, the key benefit would be total end user control over interface getting rid of the need for ad blockers it would just be a default global opt out or specfic opt in?

Now it seems you and Nic are a bit more tollerant of this sponsor ad crap, I am asuming because you’re not perceiving the consequences, but recently erik proposed a bitcoin up front to farming which seemed a bit like a cash in excuse. We allready got storj, and that is like so what, but if reproduce the current increasingly ad dominated echo system you’ve achieved very little.

I picked up on the tone so let me put it this way: you’ll never have a system secure enough for real change thay can serve ads, never happen two are totally mutually exclusive.

I’ve also noticed a tendency to prioritize ap developer’s in some of the rhetoric. That’s backwards, the house is for the end user ap devs will adjust. Its like prioritizing ad pushers, completely bacwards. Write good clean code that’s well documented but its starting to seem like the original project may be getting distracted by money concerns when it was an open code to begin with.

First I think it’s safe to assume at this point that an ad network won’t be backed into the safe network. It won’t be a service handled by the nodes like farming or transacting Safecoin for example. You can be reassured here, it won’t happen, we are safe.

I doubt it. I’ll let the folks at MaidSafe confirm but my understanding is that any application that you run on your computer will be required to ask for specific permission about what they are allowed to do with the Safe API. LIke when you install an app an your phone.

Honestly, I think you’ll be disappointed when you realize what the Safe network really is. Anyone can run any kind of application and interface with the network. You can’t censure it, you don’t get to decide what is ok and what is not. So it’s not that I love to see ads, it’s that I understand there’s nothing to stop anyone from using them. I’ll just ignore any app that uses them if I don’t find it worth it.

So if you see an app that serve ads and ask you your permission to see your SafeId. Just say no, remove it from your computer and pick another one, that’s where your power is.

Ok, very good that alleviates most of my concerns. But as to the field of potentiality, I do get that, and I do understand that sometimes what we get by accident is better than we could have intentionally aimed for. But I’d like to see the template as clean and water tight as possible.

If I am not mistaken David earlier commented many times that breaking the feed back look goes a long way with ads. But I don’t think goes far enough, remember they can still shot gun us to death like they did with TV even prior to Nielsen. People say well you can’t stop embedding but I do think the modal interface stuff can be stopped and I also think with HTML 5.0 a fast skip or Tivo like community ad block can arise that simply filters it out. There is a phone program called call control, the way that program blocks unwanted calls tied to video cuing could work like a tivo for HTML- hypothetically.

Just for you @Warren

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I think this earlier thread is relevant to this discussion.

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That was a good read, thx for the link. Is there any update on how the spam will be handled?

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That’s awesome!

Make it into a mantra McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds. Cheeboogie, Cheeboogie, Cheeboogie,

Still very much focussed on the underlying network @DavidMtl, as we start to fine tune and add features we will publish how spam will be managed.

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I think this is a very interesting and important part of a new internet so I’m excited to read more on this

For clarification the spam filtration being an important part of the next net.