RFC: Increase limits on file sizes in self_encryption

I read this RFC and, if I’m not mistaken, will be a 1Gb limit on file size for 32-bit systems.

So not MKV, not ISO, not most AVI on 32-bit system (or deal with multiple pieces as years ago)?

This could be a huge inconvenience and a serious limitation for the adoption of the SAFE network.

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This only applies to X86 and only in this phase, so it’s a temp limit (at the moment it is around 50Mb). Next phase is to use this as a sliding window so then the limit will likely be filesystem (i.e. FAT16 / FAT 32 etc. as you have now anyway). So this is not release phase at all. Arm 32 and 64 are completely different (i.e. an ARM 32 bit system memory map can handle 1Tb and 64 256 Tb files).

So a journey not a destination, moving to sliding window removes the limits, or more accurately pushes the limit to physical capabilities of the hardware itself, discounting resource addressable memory.


Thanks, David. Unfortunately the X86 is ubiquitous in the desktop world so this limitation ends up affecting the entire network. I hope moving to sliding windows ASAP because, in my opinion, this is a critical fix.

:smiley: we are, this is a step only a step. Step 1 was a 50Mb limit this is larger and memory safe, step 3 is removing limits.


Thanks. Very relieved to read that. :wink:


The 1Gb limit will temporarily apply to 64-bit systems as well. The RFC has been updated to reflect this change.

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