Rewards in regards to marketing

Hola soy nuevo por aquí, intentare colaborar con lo que pueda.
Aún ando un poco perdido por el foro. Pero en el tema de mlm creo que si esto es un proyecto histórico que trata de mejorar lo que conocemos, no debería estar premiado para que no se llene de oportunistas.
Sino de gente que hace por el proyecto. La mejor idea que e leído, me parece bueno de un sistema de recompensas solo de un nivel y a porcentaje de la granja que des de alta. Viendo el potencial de la idea, aunque aún me queda mucho por conocer, creo que van a tener otras oportunidades de ganar coins.

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Hi I’m new here, I will try to work with what you can.

I’m still a little lost by the forum. But on the issue of mlm I think if this is a historic project that seeks to improve what we know, should not be awarded to not be filled with opportunists.

But people doing the project. The best idea and I read, it seems to me a good reward system only one level and a percentage of the farm des high. Seeing the potential of the idea, although I still have much to learn, I think we will have other opportunities to win coins.


I’ll probably get jumped on for saying this but here goes.It’s not meant to be negative or against the ideas for encouraging participation of newcomers. Reading through these posts left me with an uneasy feeling. My reaction, for example, to marketing from Facebook and Minds, is to feel manipulated by someone with an angle and having to play their game if I want to get full use of the service. Amps seems to say I can buy friends and presidents. It’s everywhere. I only discovered the other day that I get awards and points and things on this forum if I behave in certain ways. This felt manipulative too. OK many will say that’s the way it is and it’s all well intended etc which I’m sure it is in this instance but I don’t find it attractive and will always try to avoid it because I am very suspicious of “special offers”, “freebies”, “points earned” or being granted a “reputation”. How small a minority am I? How many of us are tired of being played? I don’t know but things are changing and some of us are developing an aversion to carrots. Marketing and promotion clearly work. Facebook is evidence of that but more folk see it as a carrot than as Sleeping Beauty’s apple. I think I get what Warren is pointing to, perhaps a counterbalance to those who “persuade” and might suffer mission creep ?. I’d hate to see Safenetwork become manipulative no matter how well intended. I’d hate to see it end up as a place for pirouetting pigeons.

@ikeratm I applaud you for finding a way to join us despite the language differences. I wish I knew more Spanish than Hola! and dos cervesas pour favour :wink: but I never got further than that except when visiting Spain. My apologies, but I hope you’ll continue to contribute and to learn. I think we need to try different approaches and find a balance between what works - in the world we have - and the changes we want and see as ways to improve it.

@altpath its funny how easy it is to miss these “manipulations”. I hadn’t considered the forum rewards as that, but of course they are, so I understand you unease with them. Agreed, things like this (as with the Facebook posing algorithm) can all be used well or abused. I’m not sure we need to eliminate them completely, because they can also serve us, but thanks for alerting me to fact that the digital world is so rife with them they can easily pass unnoticed. I’m so pleased the Swans have decided to nest opposite my boat. I have at least a part of a world where the manipulation is clearly evolution! But then what isn’t… aren’t we all really just servants - little test cases - in the great algorithm of universal evolution. Even Facebook, even the NSA, all little pawns really, insignificant specks of dust vying for a place in the future. But at the human level we are all right.