Question about future funding of the project

Like the title says it, how is the project going forward in term of funding when BTC price has kept falling and Mastercoin is almost illiquid (its price has fallen off a cliff too)?

The topic might have been raised and addressed somewhere else, if so please point me to it please.
Thank you.

Hey @DavidT

I’m relatively new here and so my informations might not be 100% reliable :wink:
But as I understood things the funding is “safe” because they exchanged it in fiat currency after the crowdsale:
“It raised over $7 million in Mastercoins and Bitcoins. The value of the Mastercoins (half of the currency) subsequently declined, leaving the total from the sale at $5.5 million” (

and the safecoins themselves are pretty safe because of Mastercoin issues and implications for Maidsafe funding


We are OK right now and are weighing up a number of funding options that will enable us to move forward in future. Our requirements are not immediate, but do warrant consideration. These options include; VC funding, European funding, crowd funding (not sale), revenue, partnership …etc… Possibly the answer is a combination of these things.

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One option not listed that I thin should be considered.

Give us an opt in method as farmers to contribute a percentage back to the core team. I’d click the box. I think there would be a bit of an uproar if it was on by default, but letting it be known the help it would be to do that I think would have it go a long way. Even something as small as .5% of farming proceeds from a large group of vaults would be a pretty big boon.

On second reading, I guess this would fall under crowd funding.


VC funding means part of the yet-to-be-created safecoins sold for VC funding?
and pardon my ignorance but what is European funding?

VC Funding could be safecoin related or it could be related to value they see elsewhere in the business, like non safecoin revenue streams. European funding is from the European Union (European level govt spending).

Yes I think it probably would be. Thanks for the suggestion.

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