Put Incentive Model (draft)

Executive Summary:

This proposal uses the amount that APPs PUT data onto the network (on behalf of the user) to determine how much they will be rewarded by the network.

This is done for two main reasons (and others besides). Primarily because this cannot be gamed as any excess PUTting would be abhored by users due to the fact that it’s taking money directly out of their pockets for any PUT. This is instead of excess GETting, which they couldn’t really care less about.

Also, PUTting recycles Safecoin. This enables the circulation of the lifeblood of the network and is to be encouraged (see: Free GETs aren’t going to fly) This adds value to the network both in the form of currency, and of general information (information wants to be free - the more people have access to more information the better - yada yada yada)

One an APP uploads to the network on the behalf of the user - it will initiate an action similar to a farming attempt - and either recieve a reward or not based on the outcome of that attempt.

There are further specifics that are up for debate, (APP Wallet, Notification of PUT on Behalf of User, Safecoin Divisibility) but those are the core attibutes of the proposal.

^^^Added to OP

I’ll leave that alone for now because this doesn’t really deal with the price of the PUTs, just the way they are done. (…by APPs, on behalf of the user)

EDIT: I always write my drafts waaaaay too long (for everything in life). So thanks for sticking it out.

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