Proposal: Lazy Consensus

When Being Lazy Is A Good Thing

We are going to do an experiment in BuildItHub with Lazy Consensus. Why? Because I’m proposing we do it and until others object we will continue down this path :wink:

What is Lazy Consensus?

Lazy consensus is a mutual consent contract between you and the community that states your default support for a proposal is “yes” unless you explicitly say “no”. You by yourself saying “no” is not enough to stop a proposal either. You need others to feel strongly enough about your argument against the proposal that they get off their once apathetic behinds and support your “no”. It’s a way for a community to fight apathy and gain movement without having to jump through hoops of bureaucracy and get things done. It’s a way for those who are willing to do things the freedom of doing them while allowing anyone who cares to discuss things without creating bottlenecks. There are lots of articles out there, so I’ll leave it at this for now.

BuildItHub’s Rules for Lazy Consensus

  1. A proposal must be published to the buildithub category for 3 days (a long enough time for people who care to have the oportunity to respond) without a substantial groundswell of disagreement before it is considered to have community support.
  2. A proposal should have a title that starts with the word Proposal: and be placed in the
    BuildItHub category.
  3. You are willing to take lead on the proposal and make sure it happens or at least know what is going on with the effort. Perhaps you are responsible for updating people on the progress and making sure people can join in the fun if they feel they have something to offer.

I don’t have anymore proposal rules yet. If you do add them as a new Proposal or talk about them in comments below if we are still within the 3 days timeframe.


Agreed, he says without reading all this cos I think I know what Lazy Concensus is, and believe its the only workable method.