Proposal for new standard of linking to SAFE sites here on this forum

I believe we would all fare better off if from now on when posting links SAFE sites an image and short description should be attached.

@Nigel post “Introducing Jams…” is a great example of how this is done well.

As opposed to just


Or the list version you can see here Outdated: Alpha 2 Community Websites, Apps & SAFE Messaging IDs

OK - but why?

Remember there are people from all over the world viewing this forum, and those include many new people to SAFE, many people who have no idea what it is, many who do not have the browser and currently in that moment likely have NO access to SAFE.

Having an image and potentially even a short description and a standardized format would enable people to see what were doing and what is being offered on the SAFE net.

Remember that we are visual creatures. Reading a URL versus seeing a snapshot of the SAFE site are completely difference experiences.

We should remember we don’t live in a bubble, so while WE know how to navigate to a SAFE site many don’t.

Please lets discuss this and if we are in agreement lets make it happen.

BTW, i’d go even further and say that every post with a safe site should also have a link accompanying it to where and how users can view or visit that site e.g. send them to maidsafe where they can download the browser or send them to a video or text page showing them how to do it.

BTW #2

I am currently toying with the idea of creating a portal site directory for the WWW clear net where clear net users can search, browse or read about sites an apps and also featured ones, on the SAFE net. Please dont laugh but here is a very quick live mock up using blogger that took me an hour to do

This is actually what made me think about this.

For my own site, if I end up going ahead with it, that would be a big thing for me, website snap shots, descriptions, potentially even star ratings, reviews and maybe even gifs or videos because we have to remember clear net users DO NOT IN THAT MOMENT HAVE ACCESS TO SAFE… so we need to entice them via sensory imagery as much as with mental stimulation via words and descriptions.


Thank you for this initiative. I get lost even though I’m not really new here. I’m the kind of person who needs structure to find his way around. Also the list here

makes a lot of sense to me.

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I don’t get it,

You just don’t want them to be blue?

I kind of like them blue

Not too sure what you mean. I’m talking about the fact we link to sites on safe net but there is no image or preview for people to look at.

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Bump any other thoughts on this guy’s?

(New here as of today, so relevant experience.)

I definitely think there could be a more transparent explanation of safe sites, how to open them, and a directory somewhere on the clearnet. I also wasn’t clear on whether I could use the browser at all without having trust level 1—if we include a link to info on installing the browser, will that even work for new people, or will they have to obtain clearance on the forum before even viewing sites? That’s how I interpreted the requirement, maybe I was wrong.


I think it might be helpful.

If anything, I might be able to gather up the info(descriptions and such) and take screenshots of the sites, since I do not really have anything to contribute to the community.


@sb4e it might be more efficient for a site crawler to do that image gathering automatically? Like the one that’s indexing sites for search results, maybe? Here


Dude you have everything to contribute. This is an open source project. You own it as much as the next guy. We all own it but none of us do. It’s ours to make.