Poll: Should MaidSafe implement PtP (Pay the Provider)?

Here’s my baseline:

What contributes to the direct economic advancement of the Network?

In laymans terms: What isn’t just “paying the Network” but providing ways for the Network to be paid?

  • Farming - provides space and infrastructure for data to be PUT
  • Apps - provides users with the ability to PUT meaningful data
  • Content - PUTs data onto the Network

With farming, vaults are rewarded in proportion to how much data they store & successfully retrieve on demand. When done right, this enables the ability for the Network to generate revenue.

With the PUT Incentive Model apps are rewarded in proportion to how much revenue they generate for the network via PUTs. It’s “affiliate marketing done right”. (credit @DavidMtl)

PtP is the exact revenue that the Network is looking to generate. PtP coming from the Network is ludicrous. Why don’t we just reduce the price of PUTs while providing the same amount of service?!?!

FWIW walletmarking is an all-around solid idea and should be implemented in the core Network code as it is PtP done right simply because it is based on user (human) valuation