Poll: Should MaidSafe implement PtP (Pay the Provider)?

I agree with the PUT Incentive Model to pay APP Developers.

However, I don’t think it’s right for PtP (Pay the Producer).

Let’s assume
PUTS = Producers… these people upload content.
GETS = Consumers… these people download content.

In a normal economy, producers sell to consumers.

However, the PUT Incentive model earns income from producers to pay producers.

@eblanshey pointed this out a year ago on this thread.

A network is in imbalance if it’s based upon content creators funding content creators.

I’m in favor of these economic incentives…

  • Vaults… earn from GETS.
  • APPS… earn from WALLETMARK (Likes, Tips, Pay, Subscribe, etc).
  • Content… earn from WALLETMARK (Likes, Tips, Pay, Subscribe, etc).

EDIT: There are useful APPS that only do GETS and should be able to earn income. This means a WALLETMARK is better suited for both PUT and GET functions.


Can a producer create their own APP exclusive for their content?
Yes, but I think most users prefer an APP with “global” utility, not just limited to 1 producers content… unless you’re HBO (Game of Thrones), or Netflix.

Can APP developers share their income with producers?
Yes, but I think it will be very little. There is more money to be made from consumers than from APP rewards.

How is the APP different from Content?
APPS are tools, providing utility for the content, like a fork or knife. Content is the food users consume, like a chicken or steak.

Why not let APPS earn from walletmark?
That’s a good question. Perhaps APPS should use WALLETMARK instead.