PLEASE HELP: My Posts Are Being Falsely Flagged

In good faith, I am for the moment going to presume that this is not being done by high ranking community members here and that this is merely being done by those who would seek to abuse the system. If lower ranking members have the access to be able to flag posts, I would suggest that the ability to flag posts only be granted to the highest ranking community members here.

I created a post for an idea called WebPARSEC that was inspired by both SAFE-VFS and WebTorrent technologies. Of the few links that I used, I ONLY linked to external sites that provided specific frame of reference to provide clarity about exactly what it is that I am trying to suggest as a new SafeNet Technology.

Suddenly, the system is telling me that several community members had flagged my post and subsequent responses to other people on that post, as spam. Then my entire account was momentarily on lockdown. Though the lockdown has been lifted, my post as a whole is still flagged as spam, effectively censoring my ability to propose and discuss the idea. I am afraid to even link to that post, for fear that the exact same thing might happen to this post. I would like for an administrator to look for my post based on the data I’ve provided here, and to unflag it as spam.

I am going to assume that this was done to me by fake accounts that are looking to exploit vulnerabilities in the forum system in order to hinder communications between members and sabotage collaboration within this project, by those who might view SafeNet as a direct threat to their own competing technologies.

If however this was done by genuine members who merely disliked or disagreed with my idea, then I would like to suggest to them that censoring me does not show me nor anyone else why you dislike or disagree with the idea. In order for people to learn and understand more, I would advise that instead of censoring people – to post a response explaining why you dislike or disagree with an idea, or why you feel that a particular reference link is not relevant to the discussion.

New ideas for SafeNet are not meant to compete with each other in popularity contests, they are all equally valid points of discussion towards the mutual effort of the creative improvement of the SafeNet platform.

Thank you all in advance.

The post in question has been unflagged! Thank you to whomever got to it so quickly! Much appreciated!

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Hi @psecdocumentary . Don’t worry it’s just the over-zealous antispam system on Discourse. It’s suspicious of newcomers who post a lot in the first few days. We ignore it!


Thanks! Good to know! There should be an official warning someplace about this! LOL! :slight_smile: This thing can scare the S*** out of new commers! By the way, is profanity allowed in a post as long as its not being used in a derogatory way? Or do all posts need to be as clean as spring water? :smiley:

Here are the guidelines. In short we try to keep the conversation civilised and respectful to avoid flame wars and insults, so it doesn’t have to be springwater exactly but we try and keep it out of the sewer. :wink:


Yep, I’ve already read them and thats why I asked. I didn’t see a rule that says “words that are considered socially inappropriate or profane are prohibited” I just saw the golden rule: do no harm (but take no shit) :slight_smile:


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