Persper - developing decentralised git service for developer collaboration

This one looks interesting. They are developing a decentralised alternative Github called drepo Currently designed to use Etherum smart contracts and IPFS for storage, but they seem open to other options. Opportunity for SAFE to simplify the architecture possibly?


My worry there would be persistence of the git history or even current repositories. IPFS layer may need some kind of collect/republish mechanism to make that stuff last.


Preliminary tests using git on SAFE Drive have shown that we may have this pretty soon, if we don’t already. No issues found yet, but all I’ve done is create a headless repository on SAFE, clone it to my local drive, commit a local change and push it back to SAFE.

I hesitate to say it, but given that works, I think there’s a good chance most of it will.

If anyone wants to put this through some more rigorous testing, let me know because the only thing stopping this is work on other features.


Ah, g’wan then … [20 chars]


What a star @JPL! I wasn’t hinting honestly, you’ve already helped a lot and others can help with this too if anyone fancies trying a SAFE git out.

The current development branch should be good for this - I’ve added a new feature but not enabled it so it should not have broken what’s there - so ‘git pull’ in both repos and off you go. You can be the first person to publish a git repo on SAFE!

Ideally, one or two others can clone it and push changes back to you. And you can play with branches, tags etc to try and break it.

I suggest you do something with not many files to start as it will eat PUTs.

Maybe start a topic for this and I’ll jump in with help etc.

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