People should disabuse themselves of illusions that they can become invisible to the surveillers

If you are considered sufficiently interesting/suspicious then groups with vast resources have known about Van Eck phreaking since this technique for eavesdropping on electronic equipment got its name in 1985.

Would anyone care to argue that authorities by today wouldn’t ubiquitously command equipment that can read your display and keyboard, not to mention more inconspicuous structures within your personal computer?

And I’m not even going to discuss the would be backdoors deeply entrenched in your CPU, suffice to mention that Intel has invested between 30 and 40 Billion US dollars in Israel, the homeland of the world’s most sinister and capable (and unscrupulous) intelligence service the last 40 years. (OK, I grant the competition in this field is heavy, but Israel is after all a country with a mere 9 million inhabitants.)

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