PDC listed on ChainRift!

Following MAID’s relisting, Project Decorum’s placeholder token PDC has also been listed on ChainRift!
It can be traded directly with Bitcoin (BTC) over here:


Since PDC hasn’t had a market to trade on for a very long time and price discovery has to start essentially from scratch, we’ve provided some early buy-side liquidity around crowdsale value as measured in USD. Any PDC bought will be added to the long term reserves of Project Decorum.

It’s possible to deposit PDC on ChainRift from both the Omni protocol (Bitcoin blockchain) and the ERC20 standard (Ethereum blockchain).

Although ChainRift also supports withdrawals to both blockchains, it may not always be possible to withdraw all your PDC to your blockchain of choice. This could for example occur if many people deposit ERC20 PDC and withdraw Omni PDC, emptying their Omni PDC reserves. You would then only be able to withdraw ERC20 PDC.
From the perspective of Project Decorum, PDC on either blockchain will be treated equally at launch. Meanwhile it is still possible for anyone to convert Omni PDC to ERC20 PDC through this process.

Thank you ChainRift for this opportunity!


:smiley: :smiley: Well done @Seneca that will help lots of people and hopefully you guys as well. Nice one.


The people from ChainRift did all the real work, I just helped with testing deposits and withdrawals. Thanks to @frabrunelle for the introduction!


It’s a bit of a one-sided market for now though…

I lost all my PDC in the The Great Margin Trading Foolishness of 2018 so I have nothing to sell into this market. I only had about 0.05BTC worth anyway but still…


ya I am interested to play this new game, but need to see some more liquidity on the sell side to be able to get in with a worthwhile bag.


Be lucky to get ppl selling anywhere around here unless they’re desperate.
Didnt hold for many years to sell at cost.
Edit. Also, great to have an exchange, but I don’t wanna get stuck with erc pdc, but that’s just me.

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not saying sell at cost. Just lets see where a bit of competition puts the offers. If everyone wants to just HODL, then fine its just not being publicly traded right now. If people do wana sell for some price I am interested to hear their competitive offers. Hopefully we see where more people would be willing to sell after some time to allow them to realize hey there is a market for this thing I have collecting dust.


Fantastic news on the listing! I’ll try to support with a small volume of trading without losing everything :smiley:


Blimey, rotten luck @Seneca but well done @Dimitar for providing alternatives.


That is a real shocker indeed.


Is it really a shock? All centralized services have BIG disadvantages. That’s why we’re here to make the world a better place through SAFE…


Yea, we spent a ton of time getting stuff on there. I see what you mean though.


That’s a shame.

PDC should appear on https://www.saturn.network soon. We should be able to trade ERC20 PDC for ETH on there.


@Seneca did you see UniSwap?

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Well done @Seneca, 24 hours notice is not much at all, I thought polo were bad, but this is super sudden.


I did, well done, but personally I prefer a classic order book. That’s why I started the listing process of Saturn network instead.


But did you see my analysis that even with a 100% price crash, the difference is only 1,2%? Of course, add it to other DEXs, but at least test it in UniSwap with some liquidity …

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