Other News - Google+ turns zombie

Google+ seriously downgraded…

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I never liked G+ (UI, Google/privacy etc.) but stayed to watch and learn. I closed my account when they started forcing it down my throat (making it login for YouTube comments etc). I still have to have accounts on it (for Google Play, Hangouts etc) but they are dummy accounts, just stubs. Sorry if that confuses, but you can blame Google’s greed trampling over user interests. :wink:

It seems outsiders weren’t the only ones unhappy with this, and we may see some of that rolled back. More in the article.

Either way, G+ is seriously damaged and on the way out. Jeeze this is BIG! And timed to coincide with awareness growing about decentralised internet through #Bitcloud, #MaidSafe and others. Perhect!

Are there any decentralized social networks other than twister around? I want to make one on top of maidsafe, but I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

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Diaspora is a distributed one, half-way house. I’ve been using it for years and it has a great community. If nothing else its a good place to ask. Also you could ask the friendica guys, that’s a self hosted social network.

These platforms worked on self hosting and federating (connecting self hosted servers together, and connecting disparate networks together). So they won’t transfer as-is to SAFE, but they have a mass of UI knowledge and programming expertise behind (and using) them, and many people committed to the same ideas as SAFE.

It would be great to see some social networking app projects on the go before launch.


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Are there any decentralized open source social networks around?



And there are


as well