Open consumer phone that can replace the internet

Looking at MaidSafe and Indie phone and advances in interference leveraging tech like P Cell, it seems that we will now get into a Space race of sorts over an open consumer phone platform that will replace the internet outright. I know the knee jerk may be that phones are not a replacement for data centers and its good for big business to have that opinion. But soon big business will be trying to cram white space and pushing its spectrum licenses and trying to claim patent infringement and pushing even more radical SOPA type legislation. Also trying to make the same kind of bribe based ROE arguments against open that it does against municiple.

The big centralized internet cloud will be disipated by the wings of this swarm.


Such a phone might have as many cycles and transistors as the most powerful pc and be as power efficient and inexpensive as a solar calculator. These are really swarm or mesh nodes- ballooning them over the oceans might solve the trans ocean link issue.

Building such a platform may be the best way to the world we want and need.